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Get Ready to Party: Hutchie Drops Explosive EP 'The Falcon Sessions' Today!

Seattle's Power-Pop trio, Hutchie, have released their new EP today on all digital and non-digital platforms. The EP, titled "The Falcon Sessions," was recorded at Falcon Studios in Portland, Oregon and directed by Jesse Payne. So, what emerged from this collaboration? Let's find out.


It appears to me that everyone, at times, entertains the idea that the days of wild, carefree fun have somehow slipped away. It feels challenging to discover that true sense of freedom and the time to immerse oneself in the thrill of a carefree night and savor it. Importantly, occasionally, one needs to unleash a torrent of emotions and be receptive to new heights of experience. However, you know, it's not imperative to stock up on an excellent liquor and jeopardize your health for this pursuit. Instead, just grab your headphones, disconnect from all forms of communication, and tune in to the EP "The Falcon Sessions" by the Hutchie trio. Hutchie offers listeners an adventure into the heart of carefree times, where light retro vibes blend seamlessly with amazing pop-rock and gentle country beats, all accompanied by familiar themes of love.

Are you ready to disconnect from the world? To journey into another dimension, where an enchanting and carefree atmosphere of an endless night always reigns? Let's dive into the band's mesmerizing and innovative rhythms, starting with the first track of the EP called "It Do Dont It." This unique and groovy fusion of country acoustic vocals with grunge, and almost pop-rock rhythms, accompanied by overdriven guitars, creates the perfect ambiance for enjoyment. It's as if I've truly traveled back in time, relishing the essence of a vibrant house party. After a reckless and vibrant start, the track "Queen Of First Impressions" kicks in, and the intensity and brightness of the sound simply blow the roof off. I absolutely adore the structure of this track. The remarkably clear rhythm of the drums, coupled with the incredible bass guitar part, immediately grabs attention and refuses to let go. The track undergoes a transformation, turning into an unbelievable pop-punk ballad. There's no trace of the country sound; instead, it's replaced by a succulent, playful vocal performance that flirts and caresses the ear. The guitar solo maintains an air of lightheartedness and playfulness. Michelle Pannell's voice breaks out, shattering all the mental boundaries and obstacles that had prevented me from fully surrendering to joy and fun.

Absolutely, Hutchie leaves no one with a choice – you simply have to attend their party! It's a gathering where you can fully immerse yourself in the sound, the music, and let loose with crazy dancing and wild fun, even shouting out the lines from their songs alongside the band! Who needs headphones? Turn up the volume on your speakers to the max and savor the genuine pleasure that Hutchie delivers with their one-of-a-kind grunge rock sound.


I must highlight that Michelle's vocal parts are exceptionally intricate, both in terms of vocal ability and emotional expression. Michelle Pannell effortlessly transitions from one key to another, with a delightful sense of carelessness that allows her voice to soar freely, seemingly driven by pure emotions and occasional improvisations – a privilege reserved for true professionals in the world of music. There's a subtle emotional connection between all the musicians, evident in every note played. It becomes evident that Hutchie is not just a band; they are an extraordinary and soulful phenomenon where musicians come together and connect on a different, almost spiritual level. As a result, the music in the EP "The Falcon Sessions" feels incredibly personal and uplifting, leaving no space in the mind for anything else. The profound musical experience draws the listener in, establishing a strong and positive connection that lingers long after the music ends.

Next up is the "Misunderstand" shooter, where the band returns to their light country style, diffusing the atmosphere and offering a brief "smoke break". Their unmatched play with genres, styles, and emotions evokes nostalgic feelings of my teenage years, making Hutchie's music feel both elusive and delightfully familiar. It's as if they've always been my favorite band. I am truly thrilled when Michelle Pannell's voice takes the spotlight alongside the bass guitar, and then she breaks out with such passion that it's simply irresistible! Now, that's the power of genuine passion! The EP concludes with "Hooked," a captivating track that sets the perfect mood for a slow dance, even at a prom. Enchanting backing vocals, rocking guitar, and rhythmic drums create a seamless and innovative sound. A flawless finale to a truly amazing and incredible evening.


'The Falcon Sessions' - a bombastic and energetic live album that ignites a manic rush of blood. Each instrument hits its stride, and the choruses sound out loudly. Thanks to the captivating song "Misunderstand," this EP has swiftly become one of my top favorites for 2023. With just 4 tracks, it astounds with a diverse range of styles and moods. Personally, I found myself drawn to the lighter country classic side, but the EP's heavier section (the first two tracks) also captivated me without hesitation. I will unquestionably continue to discuss and listen to this EP, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same right now.

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