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Girl Power at STREAMBOX Office: Musical Gems to Brighten Your Day!

Well, here we are with another Streambox Office, and we're excited to share with you a trio of musical gems that have already won over many listeners and firmly established themselves in our playlists. Are you ready to dive into the world of musical discoveries? Let's get started!

Heidi Simpson

"What's on TV?"

Our first stop is the song "What's on TV?" by Heidi Simpson. It's a true marvel that transports us back to the 2000s when life seemed simple and fun, and all the answers could be found in our favorite rom-coms. This song is like a musical masterclass on how to forget about your worries and simply enjoy the moment! And the most amazing part is that it has already garnered over 1500 listens in just one week since its release. It's truly incredible for a debut song! And let's be honest, we all know that gathering 1000 listens on Spotify is not as easy as it sounds.

Hannah Stow


Next stop, we have the song "Sunflowers" by Hannah Stow. It's a burst of sunshine that transports us into a world of vibrant colors and emotions. Hannah Stow always surprises us with her unique take on pop music, infusing it with sincerity and the unmistakable Australian flavor. The song has already accumulated 4604 listens, and although it hasn't quite reached the level of "Fast Cars Mash up Cover," which boasts a whopping 677,000 listens, we are confident that "Sunflowers" will also become a hit and find its place in the sun on the music charts!

Sunny Luwe

"Give A Little Bit Of Your Love"

And finally, our third stop - the song "Give A Little Bit Of Your Love" by Sunny Luwe. This Gold Coast-based singer takes us to a world of positivity, optimism, and joy. Her new single is already approaching the 1000-listen mark, which is an impressive result, indicating that Sunny Luwe's music is finding its audience. But as they say, let's see what the future holds because in my view, this song deserves even more recognition. Perhaps very soon, it will become a true hit and open the doors to the hearts of even more listeners. Plus, we eagerly await the release of her album "Flowers In The Sky" on October 11, and we're confident it will be a genuine musical celebration filled with love!


So, keep your fingers on the pulse of music trends and don't miss out on savoring these musical gems. In the world of music, there's always room for exciting discoveries, and these three artists confirm that the future of music is looking bright and promising, guaranteeing lots of feel-good moments for us, the listeners. Let's dive headfirst into new tunes and inspiration!

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