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GREATEST HITS by Teacher Of The Year

How many times have we heard the phrase "This album is different"? And how often has this sentence come true? "Greatest Hits" by Teacher Of The Year is truly different, because it is a faithful witness of personal and musical maturity and a reflection of the pressures of a culture obsessed with age.

The debut EP "Greatest Hits" begins with the purest state of the art in terms of heavy rock music. The subtle differences between Teacher Of The Year and the purity of rock music lead us to canonical musical enjoyment.

Teacher Of The Year take advantage of the initial pain to pull us into a sound-splatter doublet with "Big Mans Undies". Is a superb mixture of fat guitar sound that bring a grunge rock anthem that sounds perfectly. The vocals have a crazy delivery to them too. Followed by "Papa Ape", a song that takes the album's concept to the extreme, where the musical boundaries we use to describe a track simply cease to exist.

"I am Not who I am", is the antithesis of the previous one, with a calmer rhythm, but in some places the singer switches to screaming, growling, which is undoubtedly cool. From a group that calls itself "Teacher of the Year" you unconsciously expect light punk rock, but here it's hard rock with old roots.

"Calculated Risk" is the fourth track that lets us get inside the head of the person who plays the main role in this journey. The energy of "Double Denim Disco" is different from the previous tracks and feels much lighter, the vocals are clearer. It feels like it's a straightforward song, and it's not. The song offers a more indie rock focused vibe that brings harsher more singed drums and guitars as the song burns deeper and deeper. It all synergises music and lyric and that's what makes "Double Denim Disco" such an intriguing number.

When we reach the final theme, "Vampira" delights us with a pretty catchy piece, with a clear structure that gradually catches us without realizing it. In the bridge of this song, the catchy riff takes center stage, giving the melody a pop-rock and light touch, more reminiscent of New Wave.

The band has created a really heavy album full of emotions. It has a lot to say and requires the listener to fully engage with it, but that is infinitely rewarding. If you want guitar hooks, you'll find them here. In the mood for some crazy and super loud drums? There's plenty of that, too. Teacher Of The Year is clearly a band that understands their craft and has refined it well over the years.

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