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Harnessing the Distortion Storm: Measuring the Intensity of Distortion with ROCK BEASTS!

You asked? You're getting it! ROCK BEASTS are back, ladies and gentlemen. Oh yes, today we are going to witness a truly heavy release because we have curated tracks that are so intense, they could cause hurricanes on Mars. Let's go, motherfuckers!

A Common Crown


After a two-year hiatus, A Common Crown returns with an epic and powerful new song, "Heartless." It is filled with classic hard rock sounds that will blow your mind. Heaviness rating: 10/10.

Pryvid Karalia


For those who miss the good old doom metal, Pryvid Karalia invites you to immerse yourself in oriental folklore. Personally, I love listening to music in foreign languages; there's something magical about it. Be sure to check out this track.


"I'm So Kinky I'm a Dog"

"I'm So Kinky I'm a Dog" is a fusion of pop rock and grunge, intertwined with a cry for help. It's an emotional track, primarily due to the heart-wrenching vocals. mlady gets our resounding approval, no doubt about it.

Jonathan Young x Colm R McGuinness x Judge & Jury

"Fight the Tide"

"Fight the Tide" captivates with its powerful, epic, and folk-inspired mood. There's something pirate-like and medieval about it. The chorus bursts through the speakers, showcasing Jonathan's incredible vocal range and skill. Undoubtedly, this is the hardest track in our selection. A must-listen.


Prepare to have your socks rocked off by our exclusive rock playlist, showcasing these mind-blowing tracks. These aren't just ordinary songs, they are the epitome of pure ROCK BEASTS. That's all we have for you now, but don't fret! Stay tuned for our next edition, where we'll continue to deliver the untamed energy of rock. Until then, catch you on the flip side and keep those speakers cranked up to eleven!

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