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HENRY CHAUHAN'S Secret to Success: "I Aim To Create A Sense Of Understanding With My Listeners"

Today, we have a special treat for you as we sit down with the incredibly talented and innovative musician, Henry Chauhan. His journey from a shy, cutlery-drumming child to a sensational artist on the rise is nothing short of inspiring.


We'll delve into his passion for drumming, the moments that ignited his creativity, and how he achieved international recognition with his astounding drum covers on YouTube. But that's not all! Henry has even dared to forge a brand-new path in the music world, blending the intensity of metal with the infectious beats of UK drill in what he calls the first major drill-metal song, "Curse Me." Alongside his musical prowess, Henry touches hearts with his thoughtful songwriting, exploring themes of isolation and bullying. Today, Indie Boulevard unravel the depths of his music and learn how he navigates the alternative music scene, all while maintaining a balanced life.

INDIE BOULEVARD: Hi Henry, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. It's fascinating to hear about your journey as a musician. Can you take us back to the beginning and share what initially inspired you to pursue music?

HENRY: I started playing drums at the age of five and would always play with pots and pans using cutlery to play rhythms. I was a very shy and quiet person who would never even speak a word to a stranger. My mom took me to a piano lesson one day and halfway through, to everyone's surprise I stood up and said “I don't want to play piano, I want to do drums”. This was out of character for me but almost seemed like an instinct. I took my first lesson and never looked back. Practicing hours everyday from the age of five

IB: Was there a particular moment or artist that ignited your passion for drumming?

HENRY: For me , Joey Jordison was always a drumming inspiration for me , seeing him play always inspired me to practice more and become a better musician

IB: I'm curious to know how you felt when your drum covers on YouTube began gaining traction and attracting a significant number of followers at such a young age. It must have been an exhilarating experience to see your hard work and talent being recognized and appreciated by people from all around the world. Were you surprised, excited, or maybe a bit nervous about the sudden attention?

HENRY: It was a very exciting experience and I was really proud more than anything else I that all my hard work had paid off over all the years of doing music

IB: "Curse Me" is described as the first major drill-metal song, combining metal's hard rock and the UK rap scene. What inspired you to experiment with this unique fusion of genres?

HENRY: Well metal and drill have always been two of my favourite genres and I’ve been producing drill beats for a while now , so I tried to put them together and they just blended together extremely well! Both genre’s surprisingly have a lot of similarities that we don’t often notice .

IB: Your songwriting explores themes of isolation and bullying. How do you approach these sensitive subjects and use music as a means to process and communicate your emotions?

HENRY: As a songwriter, I approach sensitive subjects like isolation and bullying with empathy and a desire to connect with my audience on an deeper level through songs. Music becomes a means for people to process their own emotions and experiences. By delving into these themes, I aim to create a sense of understanding and solidarity with my listeners, especially those who might have faced similar challenges.


IB: As a young artist, what are some of the challenges you face in the alternative music scene, and how do you overcome them?

HENRY: There are not really a lot of challenges for young artists anymore as the music industry is a very exciting place where anyone can create their art and show it to the world but one of the challenges I face is trying to find my sound within the alternative scene with all the other bands out there . But I’ve overcome this with my unique fusion of genres merging drill and metalcore which no one else has done before.

IB: With your impressive technical skill and maturity in songwriting, how do you balance your music career with other aspects of your life?

HENRY: I am very busy all the time! I do school work first and then do music. Everyday I do music whether it be writing new songs or playing drums – after all it’s my passion and it’s what I love to do.

IB: What are your future goals and aspirations as a musician? Are there any specific collaborations, projects, or achievements you dream of accomplishing in the coming years?

HENRY: I can’t wait to just get out there and start performing on stage, meeting new people and other like minded musicians. One of my main goals is to carry on trying to become a better musician and to carry on practicing .

IB: And the last question. If you could create the ultimate dream band by assembling any musicians, living or not, who would you pick to jam with, and why?

HENRY: If I were to create the dream band , one of the members would definitively have to be Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) with his fast and heavy riffs . That would be an awesome jam!

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