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HERDS Unleash 'Falling Wide Awake': A Mind-Bending Psychedelic Rock Experiment!

In the heart of Nottingham, United Kingdom, a group of musicians known as Herds has been creating their unique psychedelic rock sound for over a decade. This independent rock band, formerly known as The Amber Herd, has left their mark not only on the local scene but also on the global stage. Their journey is a story of searching for their own sound, the perfect harmony between notes. Like spreading their wings to the wind, the musicians have captured the audience's attention by performing at renowned festivals such as High Voltage, Bearded Theory, and HRH Prog. They conquered the stages of iconic venues, from The Borderline and The Good Ship in London to Rock City and The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. Over the years, under the name The Amber Herd, they had the privilege of sharing the stage with well-known bands such as Echo & The Bunnymen, Hawkwind, Jethro Tull, and many others.

However, the musicians felt that their musical soul demanded progress, and in 2022, significant changes came for the group, including a name change to Herds and changes in the lineup. Neil Beards absolutely shines with his mesmerizing vocals and soul-stirring acoustic guitar skills, Al Duncan lays down a profound, heart-pounding bass groove that's nothing short of mesmerizing, Ollie Powditch skillfully caresses the keys with a touch that's pure magic, Mark Lasbury takes command of the drums with unparalleled mastery, and Paul Wentworth, oh, Paul Wentworth, he not only dazzles with his electric guitar prowess but also serenades with vocals that'll send shivers down your spine.

Their new album, "Falling Wide Awake," consisting of 8 tracks and running for 55 minutes, encapsulates the unique style of the musicians and is the result of fruitful labor. This album demonstrates the group's ability to smoothly transition between different genres, from progressive psychedelia in the opening track "Innsbruck" to a slow and dreamy rock ballad in "Half light." As you delve into the new and powerful sound of the group, you'll discover strong and infectious tracks such as "Just the rain" and "Strange Caravans." It's as if the whole world is bathed in the flames of inspirational rock sound in the track "Just the rain," and then "Strange Caravans" serves as a reminder of the recent times of a global lockdown. The quiet, tender, and weeping guitar intertwines with the vocals of the stunning Ali Taylor, gripping the heart. I believe "Strange Caravans" divides the album into "before" and "after," and it sits in the middle for a reason. Perhaps there's a sense here of how life can change in an instant, and everything is divided into "before" and "after." But to keep melancholy from dominating life for long, the track "Faith" will change its course towards a bright rock rhythm, vibrant percussion, and hope-filled vocals.

The album carries a unique concept with a recurring motif of the color purple. I believe the choice of this color palette is not arbitrary. The color purple symbolizes a gentle melancholy that permeates their indie-psycho-rock sound. Every note, lyric, and chord on the album is a well-crafted world with its own history, mood, and dreams. The song lyrics are enchanting, drawing you into their world, and as you immerse yourself in the album, you'll notice how the sound is conceptually filled with shifts in mood and rhythms. The first part is full of strength and dynamism, providing an energetic flow of perfect art rock, while in the second half of the album, you'll encounter both melancholic and more experimental art-house tracks.

Two outstanding songs in the second half of the album deserve special attention. I can't help but highlight two tracks that conclude the album. "New year" is an epic 15-minute acoustic rock masterpiece that, by its conclusion, delves into an electronic synthetic space with a touch of blues in the sound. Pay attention to how the album ends with the track "Avalanche." This nearly 11-minute rock ballad is perfect for larger arenas and stadiums, fully immersing the audience in a rock hypnotic trance.

The courage, strength, uniqueness, and power of the musicians are reflected in their releases and soundwork. Herds are moving forward on their musical journey, embracing new styles and expanding the horizons of rock music. "Falling Wide Awake" by Herds is an album that unveils musicians ready to conquer the indie scene and go beyond the familiar sound, creating their own unique concepts. The release of this album is an event worth waiting for, and it will undoubtedly leave a deep mark in the hearts of all who choose to listen. After listening to the album, you will be left with a sense of hope and perhaps a desire to experience Herds live.


So, don't miss their performance at HRH Prog XII in Great Yarmouth on Saturday, 11th November. In "Falling Wide Awake," Herds have gifted us an exhilarating musical experience. Immersing yourself in this psychedelic journey, you will dive into a world of emotions, colors, and sounds that truly define the essence of indie rock.

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