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How Does 'Revolving Shores' Reflect the Unpredictability of Life? Inside GRAFFITI WELFARE'S 'New LP

I believe there is no speed faster than the flow of life. As we journey through the stream of time, we cannot control this speed, but we can do much more. We have the power to manage life's events, capture significant milestones, preserve them in memory, and pay tribute through music. From the journey of growth to the final stages of life, from pain and bitterness to the joy of liberation, and ultimately to the state of reevaluating the world – music that emanates from the heart can encompass it all. Such thoughts and experiences are precisely what the album "Revolving Shores" by Graffiti Welfare encapsulates. Comprising 10 tracks, this album will inevitably turn your mind upside down and gently immerse you in profound reflections and events. Graffiti Welfare has poured their heart and soul into creating this collection of songs, each reflecting life itself with its uncertainties, ups and downs, and moments of deep introspection into one's own life and actions.

I have stated multiple times that I am a huge connoisseur and fan of experimental sound—a sound that doesn't follow mass trends but rather breaks them. "Revolving Shores" is replete with synth elements and acoustic harmonies, resulting in a unique sound. This enchanting experience begins with the first track, "To Be It," which features a meditative synth that instantly transports you to another dimension. The captivating rhythm and gentle keys, reminiscent of bells, instill a sense of calm and harmony in the mind, almost like emphasizing the beginning of life with all its dreams, expectations, and inherent light. The hypnotic immersion in synth ambient music continues in the track "Just Follow." Gradually intensifying vibrations create a feeling of complete detachment and pure enjoyment of the music. Graffiti's vocals serve as a guiding force through the world of the album, intertwining with echoes and acoustic sounds, seamlessly merging into the overall airy atmosphere.

Our journey invites us to delve into reflections in the track "DejaBlue". The change of rhythm and instrumentation breaks the melody and transforms it. Hey, can we stop for a second and appreciate the title of this track, "DejaBlue"? Damn, that combination of words sounds amazing. Personally, this fantastic move evokes a feeling of life events that leave the first scars on the heart. Melancholy makes its first appearance, disintegrating into the anxiety of the track "Good News". A strong and clear rhythm with dark, shimmering pads creates the sensation of a first encounter with reality. Does this change in mood between tracks resemble a change in life circumstances? Of course, yes. Immerse yourself in the music of Graffiti Welfare, and you'll feel how each track flows through the veins, blending perfectly with inner emotions. The real sensual shock occurs in the track "Volume" when the musician's voice fills the mind. This pivotal track in the middle of the album marks a new sound and a fresh beginning. The completely unexpected and novel sound disconnects you from the world, allowing you to relish the dance of percussion and remarkably harmonious vocals. It's perfect! A genuine, pure arthouse synth art.

After the powerful track, the gentle and lyrical "Echoes of Our Sound" begins. It exudes a lightness that reflects the brightest and most sensual events. The track strikes the perfect balance between gentle acoustics and psychedelic synth sounds. Like a soothing lullaby, it calms and prepares us for the subsequent tracks "Synesthesia" and "Nothing Ever Changes". These tracks offer bright and juicy melodies, merging into a cohesive canvas of sound that becomes a guide to the world of secret emotions. I particularly enjoy the playfulness and sensuality of "Nothing Ever Changes". It not only serves as a meditation aid but also offers a path to absolute bliss. The light sounds of water at the beginning create a refreshing wave of sound. With its completely unusual rhythm, catchy synth keys, and amazing vocals, this track stands out as my favorite and most memorable.

The album concludes with the powerful and bright tracks "Missing the War" and "Seashell". The creaky and sinister guitar opening of "Missing the War" conveys a sense of overall tension that culminates in a combination of organ and light lo-fi vibes. The unexpected fusion of genres and instruments creates a unique sound and an unforgettable listening experience. In the final track "Seashell," Graffiti Welfare once again embraces fast rhythms and spectacular pop hooks. The combination of delicate and cloudy undertones, along with the captivating main melody, envelops the listener with warmth, like a comforting blanket. It feels like a transformation and liberation have taken place, and it is in this track that a truly powerful finale unfolds, leaving a sense of complete understanding of the events portrayed. This amazing state of mind grants a sense of lightness, making you reluctant to let go after listening to the album. So... let me start the audition from the beginning.


I must admit, both musically and conceptually, I was hooked. The album is very deep and personal, even though most of it consists of instrumental tracks. It's like being engulfed by a sonic noise wave that carries you away. "Revolving Shores" embodies that feeling perfectly. Moreover, there's a beautiful blue fantasy aura surrounding the album, making it feel otherworldly. If you enjoy experimental electronics with a touch of vocals, this album is perfect for you. It brings together melody, emotions, and performances to create a truly unique sound, and I'm curious to see where Graffiti Welfare goes next.

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