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I AM ENOUGH by Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena with her brand new EP "I Am Enough" is the fusion of pop, R&B and jazz fusion roots that creates a truly unique and interesting sound. Maya made waves by mixing some really smooth grooves with siren-like vocals that maintain her jazz roots and such a mesmerising sound. EP "I Am Enough" is far more pointed - a protest album for the modern woman who needs to rise up and assert herself.

She once again opened the way to the world of passion and strength. For the listener, it's immediately becomes obvious that hip-hop and R&B trends influence the overall direction of "I Am Enough" strongly enough. However, Maya boldly experiments with electronic samples. She knows how to make the listener dance, crossing the boundaries of pop, R&B, jazz, and occasionally pleasing art-pop, so Maya carries the listener along from the very first track.

The opening song "I Am Enough" is multi-faceted, deep, sincere and at the same time sets the tone for the entire EP. It is this jazz track that opens the way to a unique musical journey. Maya Azucena's vocals are smooth and incredibly sensual. Her vocal is confident and powerful, but with a honeyed maturity in her voice.

The standout track "Alley" is an absolute hit and shows Maya at her best R&B side. The crisp percussion sets the foundation for a funky bass line. After the breezy pop funk, "Chameleon" is a welcome change of mood and is a chill weekend dance anthem. It's a wonderful blend of authentic Afro-Caribbean atmosphere and modern pop. Maya is crystal clear and leads the track with her voice that sparkles and shines.

Aggressive beauty flows from "Death is Dancing," which finds its way into the bass of your soul with blaring guitars and kicking drums. "Death is Dancing" explodes into a screaming rock solo bridge as Maya sings with guitar icon Vernon Reid (Living Colour, The Roots). "Warrior" feels like a touch of Beyonce, with dominant and breathy vocals. The song has a mix of abstract percussion that just sounds hypnotic.

The closing gospel track "You're Not Alone" feels like a joyous celebration of song with singers like Jay White, Joseff McKenneth, Honey LaRochelle, Chris Rob giving EP an upbeat and inspiring finale.

"I Am Enough" is a must-have for every fan and for those who love passion, sass and above all sincerity.

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