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In The New EP by COUCH CULT, There Are Songs That Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Have you ever imagined the opportunity to disconnect from the world, immerse yourself within, and savor the aesthetic sense of inspiration and comfort? Incredibly, with the help of music, you can feel entirely detached and engrossed in yourself. That's exactly the state the new EP from Couch Cult plunged me into.


Their new work will draw you in with its dreamy pop rhythms, and I promise you'll melt away, fully immersed in the perfect soft and cozy world of Couch Cult. Finding the epitome of dream pop sound is quite challenging, but these guys have come remarkably close. The album features subtle synthetics with hints of pop rock, mistiness, and a dreamy atmosphere. The release consists of 5 tracks that should be perceived as a cohesive whole, smoothly transitioning from one realm to another, exploring the depths of the soul and lived experience. The sensation of intimacy, comfort, and as if the music of this amazing trio was specially crafted for you, as if you were friends, remains throughout the entire release. And indeed, the story of Couch Cult began with three friends disappearing and jamming in the basement, creating music as the world emerged from the pandemic and learned to live anew.

In the 5 tracks, the band delve into the complex and familiar theme of mutual departure from relationships as the victor, in order to find oneself, embrace personal changes, and move forward liberated and successful. You know, I feel that the EP "The Couch Cult" has the power to heal through its music and it can set the right course for those in need of it. The EP opens with the track "Psilo," immediately captivating with its tender and resonant rhythm, relaxed and sensual vocals. Merging into a unified musical space, a sense of flight and freedom is created. It's as if you find yourself in a dimly lit room, a glass in hand, eyes closed, simply reveling in a slow dance. There's something exquisite in this track that truly allows you to disconnect from the world.

The second track, "Woodstock '99," starts with an overloaded guitar that will captivate you with its sound throughout the entire duration of the track. The slow and rhythmic percussion, along with vocals soaked in echo and synth processing, completely disconnects you from the world and immerses you in a state of euphoria. However, within this realm of ethereality, a gentle melancholy is sensed. This duality of mood prompts reflection on how often reality doesn't match our expectations. And this duality, the clash with reality and the disillusionment, is reflected in the collision of erratic rhythm, loud psychedelic elements, resonant guitar, and dreamy, tender vocals.


The third track, "Tragedy," is permeated with touches of sadness, as if we're observing our own past through smoky chords. Beneath the captivating rocking rhythm, flawless lyrics, and performance, a light sense of melancholy and contemplation emerges. It's impossible not to be moved by the tender lyrics and the sensual voice of Robin Schaffer, and not to feel the contemplative melancholy of the track. Absolutely stunning!

However, then comes the track "Smile, Baby," and it immediately breaks all the norms. In its lo-fi sound, art-house harmonies and elements emerge. Winton Josephs, Case Snedecor and Matthew Tinker seem to challenge established genres, elevating heavy grunge guitars almost to the level of vocal volume. It's protest and struggle, a call to step beyond the established norms of the world and move forward with a smile on your face. Goosebumps! Incredibly, I'm absolutely thrilled. The EP concludes with the track "Synthetic," an astonishing dreamy piece in which a few vocal lines underline the connection of memories with reality. Deep contemplation of life, past, future, and how to live in a new world – it's all in this track, within the synthetic backdrop and emotional vocals. The flawless performance seems to touch the soul and shake it. A strong sense of emotional duality lingers after listening. One part is immersed in melancholy, sadness, and reflections, while the other calls for simply having fun and surrendering to the blissful sound of the EP "The Couch Cult."


Are you familiar with that feeling when music becomes not just sound, but a part of your being? Couch Cult effortlessly turns this abstract idea into reality. They embody within sounds the intricate palette of human emotions – from melancholy to euphoria. Like artists, they wield instruments and voices to craft a genuine work of art that defies description. So, my friends, if you're craving new sounds, emotions, and unforgettable impressions, don't pass by this enchanting EP. Couch Cult fearlessly ventured beyond the boundaries of the familiar to offer us a musical journey that alters our view of the world and makes us smile anew. Because that's how art changes us – by opening doors to new worlds and encouraging us to see life anew.

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