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Indie Rock Bliss with a Side of Fur: City Pets' 'Heavy Petting' EP is Meow-nificent!

On July 27, all indie rock fans are eagerly anticipating a spectacular event: the release of City Pets' new EP, "Heavy Petting".


My friends, have you ever listened to an album that exudes kindness, light, and positivity? An album that truly embodies the essence of indie rock with its raw energy, rich sound, and incredible atmosphere? I am delighted to introduce you to the talented and unique group, City Pets, who are wholeheartedly dedicated to the indie rock genre. They seamlessly blend it with a groovy rhythm and melodic harmonies, creating a highly enjoyable listening experience. The upcoming EP "Heavy Petting" not only captures the core of indie rock with its pulsating sound and a wild blend of guitars, drums, and vocals, but it also fills the soul with a sense of lightness and joy. I had the privilege of listening to the EP prior to its official release, and I must say that "Heavy Petting" is an absolute delight—vibrant and uplifting, meant to be savored and enjoyed.

The EP consists of three tracks that have the ability to resonate on both large stages and intimate venues. These tracks represent a pure form of universal art that holds a significant place within the indie music genre. As I listened to the first track, "Caroline," I couldn't help but feel like I had stumbled upon my old cassette tape of favorite songs and popped it into the tape recorder. The soft, full-bodied, and slightly nostalgic sound created by the musicians evoked memories of better days, akin to a retro record. This effect allows their music to truly stand out amidst a sea of compositions, leaving a lasting impression. I particularly appreciate the combination of airy and contemporary vocals, which add a touch of modernity to their sound with their unique timbre. These guys have something special going on, and it's undeniably cool!

Our journey through "Heavy Petting" continues with the next track, "Ordinary Guy." This composition appears to have been inspired by rock hits from the early 70s, as if the world around us transforms into a music video, with frames shifting amidst the noise and sepia tones reminiscent of film. The gentle, crackling, and full-bodied sound, where the guitars blend and the drums set a confident rhythm, is truly pleasing to the ear. This track tells a story, akin to watching a movie unfold. In fact, I believe that each track on their EP is perfect for modern cinema, capable of enhancing crucial scenes and leaving a lasting impression.


The indie sound that these musicians employ in their release serves as their distinctive trademark. It's truly astonishing and represents a fresh and innovative approach to creating indie music. The most delightful treat from City Pets awaits us at the very end. Arguably the centerpiece of the EP, the track titled "Sweet Emulsion" showcases the band pouring their heart, strength, and mood into the music. It feels as though they have laid all their cards on the table, unleashing a powerful and robust sound. The guitars shatter the sonic space, while the vocals, characterized by their exceptional raspiness and captivating vocal breakdowns that soar up octaves, demand full attention and evoke pure musical bliss. Throughout each track, the lead vocals are complemented by remarkable and harmonious backing vocals. However, it is on the final track that the band completely conquers the realm of rock. The bass line in this calmly rhythmic song carries a distinct clarity. The electric guitars maintain their integrity without descending into chaos. The drums, although slightly muted, maintain their sharpness and precision, lending a vintage quality to the recording. As for the vocals, there is a delicate balance between melodic singing and unexpected moments of intense screaming, catching listeners off guard. It's as if the sweet melodies of indie rock transform into moments of panicky paranoia, creating an intriguing contrast. It's truly awe-inspiring!


My only minor criticism, amidst all the craziness and explosiveness, is that the EP concludes too quickly. It's as if City Pets decided to provide a brief taste of their indie rock prowess before diving into something truly momentous. However, for the band who wholeheartedly embrace their vision, the fact that "Heavy Petting" exudes boundless positivity and radiant vibes is a commendable characteristic. The world they've created is fully unveiled, leaving a delightful aftertaste in the mind after each listen. I must say, I'm genuinely impressed, but man, I crave more! The impeccable atmosphere, crafted through deep and resonant arrangements combined with vibrant and multifaceted vocals, evokes a cozy and comforting warmth that one desires to extend across several more tracks by the band. I adore "Heavy Petting". The majority of the lyrical content revolves around simple aspects of life, insecurities, misunderstandings, falling in love, and the longing to escape to the depths. City Pets possesses the intensity of a teenager experiencing emotions a thousandfold all at once. "Heavy Petting" will be released very soon on July 27, so get ready!

"Heavy Petting" by City Pets

is out on July 27th pre-save here


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