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Indie rock meets psychedelia: Parklands' EP 'bedtime!' is a genre-bending triumph!

The brand new EP "bedtime!" by Parklands presents a completely new sonic space where alternative sound is born and evolves.


In the world of alternative rock music, new stars rarely make a breakthrough. However, if they do, they burn brightly, consuming everything in their path and etching themselves into people's hearts. Today, I invite you, dear reader and listener, to delve into the world of Parklands' low and emotional, modern yet nostalgic, unique and bold sound. Parklands captivated not only me but also thousands of other listeners with their debut EP "bedtime!." It is filled with psychedelic experiments, infectious hooks inspired by British and American rock from the 70s, and distinctive emotional vocals. The band address topics that are relatable to everyone, allowing their music to be felt in the depths of the heart and etched into the mind through its rhythm and unique vocals.

The EP "bedtime!" is brimming with unconventional musical influences, expertly blended into a distinct and unique sound. Contemporary indie rock merges with the raw power and emotion of punk and classic rock, resulting in a fiery concoction that introduces a fresh and progressive album to the world of rock music. The EP launches with lightning speed with "Headrush." This track is a whirlwind of emotions, featuring impassioned vocals, dynamic rhythms, and pure exhilaration. Tom Brereton's lead guitar in the background sets a mesmerizing pace, while the second guitar provides a gentler, slower, and more tender accompaniment. In this song, Parklands creates an introspective realm fueled by their sheer passion. Charles Patterson's distinctive vocals and style leave an indelible mark, instantly etching the track into your memory and compelling you to replay it repeatedly in your mind.

It is this captivating and hypnotic addiction to music that Parklands embraces in their next track, "Cyanide." The soft and semi-raw sound of the instruments, coupled with the musicians' unwavering passion for their craft, creates an inescapable allure. Parklands performs with a profound sense of affection for their music, evident in every note. The track "Cyanide" unquestionably showcases Parklands' mastery as a rock band, adept at crafting hits and basking in the splendor of rock music. With stunning psychedelic transitions and captivating solo performances, the track allows for introspection and complete immersion within your own mind.

Electrifying Energy

In the track "Inaccurate Depiction," the musicians delve deeper into the gritty and mysterious realms of alternative music, amplified by the resounding bass of Charlie Hamilton. This unhurried and ethereal composition, drawing inspiration from retro sounds, possesses a truly cinematic and atmospheric quality. Parklands appears to capture the pivotal and dramatic moments of life, offering profound insight through their semi-bluesy solos. Bailey Bowyer's deliberate drumming provides a steady foundation for the melody, allowing Patterson's vocals to soar and transcend familiar boundaries, resonating throughout the sound. It is an absolute work of art and a breathtaking performance.

The EP concludes with the remarkable track, "Warmer." It is not merely a composition filled with tremendous effort and emotion; it exudes pure energy and exhilaration. The vocalist's voice resonates with powerful echo effects, creating a grandeur reminiscent of a live performance. This artistic choice showcases the band's ability to evoke strong emotions and sets them apart. The undeniable talent of the musicians reaches its peak in the climax of the track, as each instrument delves into the depths of low and haunting minor tones, conjuring storms and a hurricane of pure rock energy. Patterson's vocals, like thunderous madness, sweep away any trace of reason, captivating with their unique strength and intensity. This track left a profound impression on me and, I must admit, it has become my favorite.


"bedtime!" by Parklands truly encapsulates a relentless and electrifying energy. From start to finish, the album is brimming with it, filling every track with an irresistible force. The guitar riffs and hooks, accompanied by a fast-paced bass and backed by the commanding rhythm of the drums, create a sensation that is undeniably exhilarating. It's a sonic experience that allows you to tap into your anger and then emerge feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to tackle the challenges of everyday life. This fusion of indie rock and psychedelia combines the finest elements of both genres, offering a cathartic release from the pressures of existence and providing an avenue to unleash pent-up emotions. Parklands truly breathes new life into the music scene, offering a much-needed breath of fresh air.

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