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Inside ANASTÁZIE's EP "Fleeting Visit," the Game-Changer of 2024!

Today we will talk about the musical sorceress ANASTÁZIE, who combines in her work a multicultural heritage and creates unique music capable of shaking the very foundation of the entertainment industry. ANASTÁZIE, being half Czech, half Armenian, infuses all the particles of her rich heritage into the world of R&B.


Her mission is to awaken new emotions and redefine the sound of the genre. In ANASTÁZIE's world, dance motifs blend with Afro rhythms, pop elements intertwine with Armenian melodies, and juicy funk gives her music an unmistakable charm. Collaborating with producer The Musa, ANASTÁZIE has released her new project, an EP titled "Fleeting Visit". The EP consists of only four tracks, but each one is a revelation, a new world of sounds and emotions.

photo by @anastazie_breiov

Honestly, it just so happened that I listened to this EP for the first time while strolling along the coastline. I never cease to be amazed at how music can become a true companion to adventures. With the sea breeze and the sound of the waves in the background, I played "Fleeting Visit" for the first time. And upon entering this musical world, I realized that this album became an integral part of my day. Each track penetrated my soul with its sounds, as if painting my world in vibrant hues. Dance rhythms, Afro beats, pop elements... It all blended together, creating a unique atmosphere where I forgot about everything except for ANASTÁZIE's music.

The EP opens with "Hajime," and the beat with almost ritualistic dances in the night around the bonfire becomes vivid in the mind. ANASTÁZIE introduces the listener to a new musical world with intricate vocal harmonies, vibrant riffs, and innovative rhythm. In this track, you'll hear typical Latin American rhythms, Afro beats, resonant drums, and ANASTÁZIE's passionate vocals, which complement the atmosphere of complete immersion into a new world.



"Temptation" continues the passionate night, and neon beats with sultry saxophone fill the consciousness. Sensual R&B, with a slight hint of soul jazz in this track, transports you to the club walls, and ANASTÁZIE's performance encourages dancing and complete detachment from the world.

photo by @anastazie_breiov

ANASTÁZIE's vocals possess a special deep and sensual charm. They are passionate and fiery, then gentle and weightless, as in the next track, "Jungle." It's the perfect pop R&B track that sets a high bar for production. Every element of this track sounds unique and stylish, with the sound of instruments fully unleashed, giving the impression that ANASTÁZIE feels every instrument and sound she works with deep in her heart. I like how ANASTÁZIE conceptually crafted the album, giving it a tempo and rhythm that is emphasized from track to track. Yes, sometimes the record feels like a party where there's nothing but dancing, fun, smiles, and happiness.

By maintaining the neon and club-dance atmosphere through the cover art, in neon blue tones, ANASTÁZIE has expanded her universe even further. You can look at the cover and immediately imagine yourself being part of this neon world. The final chord in the EP is the track "Wildness," the lightest and most tender, with perfect pop vocals and stunning hooks in the melody, making it the perfect conclusion to the EP. Leaving what feels like an ellipsis in her work, ANASTÁZIE leaves a clue for the attentive listener: there will be even more music, even more passion, and courage ahead.


ANASTÁZIE truly goes against the system. I'm confident that in her hands, any music becomes a hit. Incredibly valuable is the fact that ANASTAZIE is going her own way. Her music blends her own thoughts and feelings, her love for styles and genres, and with a wealth of experience behind her, ANASTÁZIE has merged it all into her unique sound. This is how stars and innovators are born, and because of her bold approach, ANASTÁZIE's music is so memorable and unique. I recommend everyone to listen to the EP "Fleeting Visit," add it to their playlist, and experience the pleasure and full immersion in stylish R&B sound. In each song, there are so many emotions that you will be more than satisfied. Even if you're an absolute skeptic who's hard to impress in today's world of music, ANASTÁZIE can do it, believe me.

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