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INTERVIEW with Mike Pasarella

Recently introduced to the Netherland singer songwriter, Indie Boulevard was able to ask Mike some questions about him and his music.

IB: First of all, I want to congratulate you on your debut single. This is really a very strong song to start this difficult path in the world of music. Tell us about the song? As far as I know, this song is very personal for you.

Thank you very much. This song was written during a vibrant changing period of my life for sure. But as it can be seen as something bad, it actually is a next chapter that is intensely beautiful. I wrote the song, but had not in mind to record it. When I was in Paris I met Dedier Théry, a talented musician and producer. After a few chats, we started working together in his recording studio.

IB: 15 years of married life? How did you feel during this period? I mean after the breakup.

Well the breakup was not that harsh, as we went through a time to resolve it together before. Right now we are best friends for life and that is a beautiful thing. For writing the song I got inspired about the new love that follows a breakup. The story may look sad at first but is about new and beautiful love.

Mike Pasarella

IB: «Not For Me», it starts as an acoustic romantic song, but already in the second minute it turns into a heavy rock ballad. Tell us about it.

As I play mostly acoustic, I want my soul in there, but also I want to put in all that is me. The music that inspired me through the years, which goes from acoustic, classical like Chopin, beatles, Elvis, Muse, Radiohead. Guitars plus drums are important elements for me to express myself. Although I did add some pop elements into it. I like to experiment this way.

IB: Today it is very difficult for an independent musician to declare himself to the masses. How do you plan to develop your music career?

Not For Me is the first song that I put out and that I wrote myself. It just came on my path and I really enjoy it very much. I want to explore myself and my style more while I am writing new material at the moment.

IB: Live performances are an integral part of musical life, and it seems to me that «Not For Me» would sound great live. Tell us, are there any concerts planned in the near future?

I do not have any tour scheduled, and yes Not for Me will sound massive. I can't wait to perform it live. I can not say much about it, but plans are to kick start my first tour next year.

IB: Are you working on your debut album?

At this moment I am working on two new songs to release. These will be part of an EP or album. Everything is still fresh. I have many years of material, which I am going through. It would be amazing to release them and play them live next year.

IB: And the last question. Art or fame?)

My music is very personal, but always with a broader message within. I think art is the primary goal. Fame should never. I would love to reach as many people with my music and art. And the numbers should not matter. Everyone that tells me they get inspired and like it, is already a blessing. That keeps me motivated. I alway say, value the small, before aiming big.

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