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Is NICK MARKS' Jazz the Future of Music? Exploring Marks' New EP 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I'

It's intriguing to imagine what the world would be like if Jazz were the primary means of communication. Perhaps it would be as diverse and unique as Nick Marks' music. In the EP "Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I" Nick Marks not only continues the traditions of jazz but also creates an entirely new sound within this genre.


His unique ability to blend different styles, including jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul, and electronica with a cinematic aesthetic, has reached incredible heights, and the result is simply astounding. In this release, jazz transforms into something unprecedented, cinematic, and incredibly cool, making the album an integral part of the global music culture. And most importantly, this EP demonstrates that music can always find new paths and rewrite the rules of the game. So let's dive into one of the boldest musical experiments of this year and discover how Nick Marks reimagines jazz in a new light. Who knows, perhaps we'll also discover something unexpected within ourselves, thanks to "Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I."

Our journey into the world of new jazz begins with the track "Prelude Arc of Light." This instrumental track instantly unveils a realm of vibrant sounds, perfect harmonies, and cinematic jazz. Here, we feel a new wave of sound, which I dare to call a genre in its own right, superbly reflecting the classical influences to which Nick Marks adds his own unique character.

In the track "Dorongo," something grand unfolds, where the genres of indietronica and jazz converge into a unique amalgamation. It's like a revolutionary uprising in the world of sounds, breaking established boundaries and rewriting the notes and chords in the book of the music industry. It truly is jazz of a new era, where the close connection between the digital landscape and classical harmony becomes inseparable. Much like a profound inner transformation, listening to this composition makes me see the world of music through a new prism. The moment the sounds of "Dorongo" enter my ears, it feels as if reality is unfolding differently. The world becomes different, saturated with new harmonies and unexpected melodies, as if a rebirth is happening within the sound itself. "Dorongo" is a shining example of a work in which complex musical structures and rhythmic elements come together. The captivating and experimental sonic world of this composition reflects the inner storms and contradictions that come to life in our souls as we listen to it.


The next track, "Paradiso," is like a musical oasis in the desert of emotions, inviting us to a moment of solitude after an intense and extraordinary journey through the new frontiers of jazz. In this melody, slow and soothing rhythms prevail, as if an invitation to inner tranquility. However, even in this tranquil moment, the music doesn't lose its uniqueness. The sounds of keys and the sensual saxophone intertwine like fabrics, creating a tender melody that caresses the ear and leaves an indelible impression.

The final track, "Ride The Dragon," opens up the musician's soul and thoughts to us. The mood/rhythms shifts with a wild intensity, akin to the master of contradictions and psychological rifts. It's a true musical madness where each note becomes the voice of Marks' inner turmoil improvisation. It's like a frenzy of rhythms, melodies, and instrumentation – a whirlwind that, to me, embodies Mark's inner world, one that's constantly shifting, flipping, and forever in search of something new. This track plunges us into an intimate voyage through Nick Marks' emotions and contemplations, extending an invitation to partake in his musical inspiration and to completely submerge ourselves in his personal realm of artistry.


The EP "Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I" is a unique and impressive musical experience that will not leave you indifferent. This EP is a wonderful example of how music can be innovative and bring something truly unique to the world of sound. But I have some exciting news for you! "Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I" is just the beginning of an incredible saga consisting of three parts in which Nick Marks will continue to explore sound, its boundaries, and showcase new sounds to the world. I'm eagerly anticipating the second part as well, to prolong and amplify that sweet and delightful feeling of joy and hope that "Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I" has given me.

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