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Is This the Jazz Album You've Been Waiting For? MARCO PAUL and SOUL TRAIN TRIO'S Intricate Dance!

I have often heard that music serves as a language through which the deepest emotions, experiences, and personal stories are conveyed. Intimate and tender lyrics allow artists to express their inner states and share their own experiences with listeners. And I have managed to discover a truly sensual art capable of conveying emotions and feelings through the gentlest jazz harmonies. This is the path taken by the Soul Train Trio in their self-titled album. This trio, composed of talented musicians - Marco Paulo, Nicolas Silveyra, and Jaime Aldaraca Ferrao - chooses jazz, soul, and funk as a means of expressing their reality, feelings, and perspectives on the world. Within the genres of soul, jazz, and funk, the musicians have created a uniquely musical world that reflects their own experiences. Their stunning compositions represent a true journey into the musicians' souls, where every note is a poignant reverie, coalescing to narrate an authentic, vibrant, and resplendent story.

The album unfolds with the track "Dumbo," instantly conjuring a sense of anticipation for a grand and meaningful journey. The flawless rhythm, coupled with a subtle melancholy that intertwines with the insistent double bass, sets the stage for contemplation and intrigue. I am enraptured by the ease and delicacy with which the instruments are played, each note sounding divine in the hands of the musicians. In the second track, "Ginekara Mou," the musicians deviate from the familiar course of classical jazz. They daringly experiment with sound, opting for intricate rhythmic patterns. The saxophone and keys delve into sensuous and velvety low tones, while the resplendent vocals soar high and resonant, accompanied by the flute's embellishments. The perfect blend of tonalities is utterly enchanting, drawing one fully into the world of "Ginekara Mou." Personally, this track carries a subtle hint of R&B Jazz, a fusion I genuinely adore. It's nothing short of perfection!

After the gentle melancholy and contemplation, our journey transforms into the resonant and lively rhythm of the track "Bugambilia." This is the perfect composition where an enthralling atmosphere is woven, and genres meld to discover a truly new and distinctive sound. It's as if the initial part of the album, light and resounding, opens hearts with fervent love for music and the world at large. There's an inherent playfulness, enchantment, and allure within the tracks of this album. For me personally, in the track "Enter The Kitten," a subtle shift in mood occurs. Playfulness and a mildly infectious rhythm seamlessly give way to smooth and lyrical jazz vocals, accompanied by an entrancing keyboard beat. The musicians are daring with their sound experiments. From the very first track, it was evident that these artists are utterly unbridled in their creativity and musical expression. Within each chord, one can discern the purest form of artistic creation and genuine craftsmanship. Especially notable are the subtle undulations of sound and delicate Eastern motifs. An incredibly personal album that unveils the souls and stories of each musician.

In the track "The Art Of Hunter," the flute takes center stage, delivering the finest jazz solo I have ever heard. An incredible atmosphere of a tender dance or the most exquisite evening in life fills the mind and completely envelops it. This perfect fusion of harmonies and vocals, coupled with exquisite falsetto and hooks, designates this track as my favorite on the album. Especially when the vocals descend to the lower registers and intertwine with the saxophone. And this delight spans just over 11 minutes, a truly divine experience!

As our journey draws to a close, the track "Ain't no Jazz" begins. The classical piano introduction reminds me of timeless compositions, immersing me in an otherworldly melancholy that only true works of art can evoke. And just as one touches this delicate melancholy and the depth of sound, a vibrant funk emerges, erasing all traces of the previous mood. This perfect transition provides food for thought. After all, each track reflects the inner world of the musicians, and I'd venture to say that such a vivid and rhythmic track is linked to strong emotions and their unabashed expression. The album concludes with the track "Tierra del Sol," where the emotions of all trio members intertwine, gifting the listener with the most delicate and profound composition. The sensuality and tenderness of soul jazz are augmented by subtle ambient embellishments, a quivering flute that stirs the consciousness, and a gentle ethnic motif.

You see, as the final notes of the closing composition from the Soul Train Trio album gradually fade, there remains a sensation akin to finishing a book, a grand novel where characters and thoughts are woven into a unified narrative. Each member of the Soul Train Trio has conveyed a fragment of their soul through their music, and this is genuinely felt, thanks to the diverse moods and rhythms.


This album stands as evidence of the potency of music as a medium for surpassing limits and conveying ideas in a manner comprehensible to everyone on planet Earth. Three years in production is indeed a quite lengthy period, but it was worth it. Marco Paul and the Soul Train Trio captivate your senses in a musical performance, as their music flows as effortlessly and ethereal as the clouds. There resides within their compositions a cinematic intensity, a simmering undercurrent beneath the pristine jazz soundscape, an allure that seized me as an ardent listener. I am particularly drawn to its modern and contemporary sound. I've also noticed that with each new listen, the album reveals itself from a different perspective, and each time it's perceived differently. This is a sign of a masterpiece and pure artistry.

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