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"Jazz in the Shades: 'Ego Taming' by Davide Intini – Your Gateway to a World of Elegant Jazz"

Are you ready to experience an album where musicians achieve a profound level of understanding, connecting with jazz music and seamlessly blending various jazz styles? From hot and sexy funk to lyrical and soulful melodies, this album offers authentic and profound jazz. I am thrilled and proud to introduce you to "Ego Taming," the masterpiece by saxophonist Davide Intini, who has assembled a group of highly skilled musicians, forming a powerful quartet. Each of the ten tracks takes you on a mesmerizing journey, presenting captivating stories that will undoubtedly become classics in the jazz genre. I warmly invite you to dive into this remarkable musical adventure, allowing yourself to be carried away by the waves of the music and embracing the incredible pleasure it offers.

"Ego Taming" serves as a profound reflection of Davide's soul and thoughts, a testament to his decision to bring together musicians in pursuit of jazz greatness, perhaps a fateful choice. The album seamlessly unfolds, almost like one continuous track, maintaining a carefully crafted jazz rhythm that gracefully guides listeners through a cohesive emotional journey. It effortlessly blends passion, happiness, peace, and nostalgia, all emotions intertwined by Davide's lifelong fascination with jazz music since his teenage years. You'll find yourself effortlessly going with the flow of the music. Davide Intini's compositions cater to both relaxation and the perfect ambiance for a stylish evening lounge party, a seemingly paradoxical yet harmonious blend.

From the very first track, "Zone In," the captivating rhythm sets the stage, with drums and piano taking center stage alongside the pure and alluring saxophone. The double bass, maintaining its intricate rhythm, playfully engages the listener with its gentle yet resonant bass tones. The transition to the next track is seamless, greeted by a swaying drum part that gracefully blends with Davide's tender saxophone. It feels like dawn breaking after a night of exuberance, sending shivers down your spine as you experience the deeply personal and intimate composition, "Ego Taming." To me, it stands as the pinnacle of soul jazz, an extraordinary and gentle masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. The music on this album embodies a beautiful fusion of talent. In this album, Davide Intini gives each musician a chance to shine, dispelling any notion that the saxophone is the sole protagonist.

Here, every artist takes a leading role, contributing to a vibrant jazz wave filled with energy, strength, sensuality, and passion. It's like being engulfed in a hurricane of music, where each instrument exudes its brilliance. Take, for instance, the captivating track "Picture in Random Colors." The quartet masterfully traverse the entire spectrum of colors, from bright and high notes to deep and resonant bass tones. They skillfully blend these shades and sounds, creating an improvisation reminiscent of the works of Impressionist painters. Can you grasp the beauty of it? The liveliness of the music is nothing short of astonishing, evoking a surge of passion within, akin to a volcano erupting and then being tenderly calmed by a gentle tide. It's a magical experience, where the music sweeps you away on a wave of emotions, leaving you spellbound and deeply moved. Our emotional journey continues with the enchanting track "21-2," where Davide's saxophone takes the spotlight, skillfully accompanied by the dynamic rhythm of the drums, resulting in a true jazz masterpiece.

Among these captivating tracks, my personal favorite is "Still Hoping." It resonates with me deeply, evoking a sense of gentleness akin to a slow dance, while the musicians' superb performance adds a touch of delightful retro flair. Listening to it is like being completely disconnected from the world, as if floating amidst the harmonious dance of two butterflies – the piano and saxophone – basking in the warmth of the sun. "Strike Back" takes us on an exhilarating ride as the musicians skillfully play with tension, commanding their own rhythms, and leading our minds to a state of pure ecstasy. It feels as though the musicians are performing exclusively for your ears, in this very moment. The album's conclusion, "The Simple Values," is a summery and radiant composition that exudes a vibrant and uplifting mood. Painted in bright shades, it leaves me with a sense of renewal and a fresh perspective. It's as if our journey culminates in a profound rebirth and a complete reevaluation of my thoughts and emotions.


In my personal experience, "Ego Taming" stands out as a truly unique album. This music enriches one's life. Surprisingly, despite its distinctiveness, you can't help but fall in love with it. The album serves as the perfect accompaniment for relaxation, setting the ideal background for savoring a glass of fine "du vin rouge" with your beloved. There is a gentleness in this album, and it plays a vital role in ensuring the album maintains its coherence, and from the very first measure, every listener will undoubtedly feel the tenderness and lightness that make this album truly amazing. "Ego Taming" by Davide Intini is an absolute must-listen for those eager to experience the origins of jazz music and fully immerse themselves in its evocative mood. It exudes elegance, classical charm, and captures the essence of jazz at its finest.

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