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Love, Heartbreak, and Cosmic Beats: The Exclusive Review of COLOR THEORY'S 13th Album!

How often does the moment of sincerity and sensibility interweave into the fabric of skillfully crafted sound? When each note seems to be dressed in a bright neon blanket and exudes deep contemplation and self-analysis? Such albums are truly remarkable, and soon one of the brightest representatives of electronic music, Color Theory, will once again make itself known to the world. On October 6th, Color Theory is releasing his 13th album, "Underneath These Dying Stars." This album marks a division in Color Theory's creative journey, separating it into "before" and "after." Unlike his previous works, Color Theory delves into the depths of the human soul inhabited by demons, only lightly seasoning the synthetic sound with hints of hope, all to intensify the gloomy effect. "Underneath These Dying Stars" consists of 11 tracks, and each of them is a reflection of the musician's soul. It is a reflection of accumulated experience that is audible and perceptible with every note. I had the opportunity to listen to the album before its release, and I am eager to share my vivid impressions with you.

The emergence of Color Theory, the pseudonym of synth artist Brian Hazard, became a true musical marvel. His song "Ponytail Girl" was accidentally mistaken for a lost Depeche Mode B-side and set the internet ablaze like an unexpected synthetic fireworks display. Since then, this musician from Los Angeles has garnered over 15 million streams on streaming platforms with his unique brand of melancholic synthpop. His music is like the soundtrack for an evening philosophical stroll, where we contemplate the meaning of life while gazing at the night sky and dancing to the rhythm of our thoughts. And what a journey it has been for him! After winning the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Hazard became a bona fide star in the world of music. His quirky and nostalgic compositions have found their place in popular video games like Just Dance and Rock Band, as well as on TV shows, including MTV's The Real World.

And Brian continues to create. Indeed, his new album is undeniably a milestone in his musical career. "Underneath These Dying Stars" is an enigma that beckons us to explore, urging us never to cease our quest for truth. The track "Crystal" initiates our descent into the depths of cosmic pop-synth and sound. Its perfect, soft synth pad and rhythmic sections convey a sense of motion, while the musician's gentle vocals set the tone for introspection.

It's as if I'm drifting through space, surrounded by glistening stars. Truly, a very uplifting track, with only the deep bass reminding us of the looming shadow trailing behind. It's the feeling of sadness and melancholy, slowly spreading through the chest, that emerges from the track "Trick of the Light." It's as if we're journeying further into the depths of the cosmic consciousness, encountering sharp thoughts and fragments of shattered hearts and souls. This feeling intensifies and spills over from within in tracks like "The Darkness" and "Death Machine." I'm in complete awe of the delicate keys and the hypnotic, immersive, and fluid sound. Color Theory's music is filled with hypnotic tonalities and melancholic chords that evoke addiction and a detachment from the world.

I'd also like to highlight the track "The Serious One," which became my favorite on the album from the very first listen. "The Serious One" is like a beacon of hope framed by the shimmering sounds of synth and modern pop vocals. It's as if in the middle of the album, Color Theory leaves a message for the entire world: "Don't give up, everything will be alright!" As the album takes us through the full spectrum of human emotions, from joy to pain, from melancholy to despair, from humility to resilience, it then transitions into the experimental track "Cakewalk." "Cakewalk" is the perfect sonic experiment, reflecting the ability to face difficulties, to see light and happiness in the world. It's a track that feels like a fairy tale, yet at the same time, it underscores the perfect synth sound and the cosmic immersion.

There's also the mystical and somewhat peculiar "She's Made of Wires," a retro hit reminiscent of early Depeche Mode with "Wrath." The album concludes with the track "The Darkroom," which leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It's like a pill for melancholy and dark thoughts. The vibrant beat, deep bass, and synth pads blend together to instill a sense of hope amidst the dark expanse of the cosmos. This track is the most enigmatic and emotionally charged, filled with doubt and complete dissolution into the gentle synth music. It's perfect and unique! I've traveled a true journey where my heart swelled with joy and my throat tightened with tears. Absolutely stunning!


In the realm of Color Theory's music, we find a fusion of melancholy and hope, absurdity and beauty. "Underneath These Dying Stars" is an album imbued with rhythmic contradictions, yet it fights for light within the darkness. It carries us through emotional whirlwinds, from sorrow to euphoria, from despair to hope, much like the protagonist of a novel exploring their inner dramas. And in this harmonious drama, where every note is a fragment of the human soul, faith awakens. Faith in one's path, despite the darkness and storms, faith in exploring the mystique and enigma of the world around us. "Underneath These Dying Stars," it is a challenge, a challenge to life's quests and the pursuit of beauty in the deepest corners of consciousness. For it is in these depths that the true meaning of life resides, the life we live basking in the warmth of the sun, which will one day fade away. Let every note of this music serve as a reminder that within us lies an endless cosmos, teeming with uncharted depths and unfathomable mysteries, and that even in the most melancholic moments, we can find light. Color Theory has created something awe-inspiring, and this album is a true discovery for all lovers of synth music. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in this incredible musical world! October 6th is not far away.


is out on OCTOBER 6th

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