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LOVE ITALY by Louis Emory and The Reckless Few

When cool winter winds blow outside, every cell in your body dreams of hot sun, warm evenings somewhere on the Mediterranean. If your heart longs for static warmth and magical images in your head, I recommend EP 'Love Italy' by Louis Emory and The Reckless Few. Light acoustic riffs like a warm breeze, drums and bass parts like the best wine and the singer's voice like a best friend will take you to the most beautiful places in Italy. Each song is like a little life. The tracks on EP are unique, full of energy and freshness in sound.

Traveling in Italy starts with 'Roma.' A leisurely track with elements of folk and Americana immediately creates a homey and cozy atmosphere. As if the musician invites every listener to just enjoy this evening. Louis Emory often uses backing vocals in the tracks to emphasize the professionalism of the sound and its unusualness. I particularly enjoyed the jazzy backing vocals in the track 'La Serenissima.' Folky guitar chords and slow, low violins are backed by Louis Emory's unique vocals. It is these pieces that can become a guide to Louis Emory's music.

In the track 'Firenze' the musician decides to experiment and breaks the rhythm, weaving jazz and Americana into one genre. The moving and bright melody retains the characteristics of folk, but strives to become a unique musical work of art. After a bright and moving start, EP takes a drastic turn. The track 'Florence In The Fall' is slow and relaxing. A peppercorn emerges in the singer's voice, creating a contradictory mood against the backdrop of light and melodic backing vocals.

Each track has its own mood, just a little piece of Italy. It's amazing when a country allows you to fully develop the creative potential of a musician. There is a delightful keyboard solo on the track ‘Florence In The Fall’. And the very next track 'Oh Tuscany' features an unusual Italian solo that provides the necessary lyricism in EP. The last track 'La Primavera' is a gentle and beautiful conclusion of the italian journey. The song leaves a feeling of understatement. Louis doesn't want to say goodbye, because he knows, he'll be back again.

In fact, it is not just an EP, but a declaration of love, a declaration of love for Italy: its people, its nature, its cities and its culture. The greatness of this country, the dimensions of superiority evoke sincere admiration not only in Louis, but also in the rest of the world. 'Love Italy' is an antidote to bad moods and an example of confidence in the purity of songwriting and performance.

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