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Love, Jazz, and Minsk: Discussing "Miensk Sketches" by Lightmyfire Orchestra Service

Music is a cosmos of emotions and inspiration, a world where each note is not just a sound but a genuine story woven into melodies. It's a place where each of us finds our own vibrations, our soul, our true self. Today, I have the honor to present to you an album that isn't just crafted with soul. It explodes with emotions, deserving thunderous applause from all jazz music enthusiasts. Lightmyfire Orchestra Service brings forth this incredible musical manifesto, a declaration of love for the city of Minsk – "Miensk Sketches."


It's not just a collection of tracks; it's a deep dive into a world where jazz intertwines with lo-fi motifs, where Soft-jazz and nu-jazz collide, igniting an explosion of individuality and character. It's an incredible journey into the realm of sounds, akin to paintings on the canvas of a musical genius. So let's do this: grab your headphones, envelop yourself in darkness, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in this magical experience. "Miensk Sketches" is like a magical ticket to a world of boundless musical adventures. In each note, a story lies hidden, and the listener, like an archaeologist, unearths it with each new track. It's like a subway map, where each station is a new melody, and transfers signify style changes. And as we travel this musical map, we create our own stories in our minds.

The first track, "Last Subway Train (Ode to Minsk)," immediately transports me to a bustling city, into the subway, where the observer becomes part of the larger world. The saxophone's soft, enveloping notes fill the surroundings, giving this journey a contemplative and introspective hue. There's a sense of love and admiration in this track, and it's transmitted directly to the soul, subduing it and offering tranquility. As I immerse myself in the atmosphere, the next track, "Nora&cat," begins. The flawless production, the interplay of guitars, double bass, percussion, and keyboards is breathtaking. Merging into a perfect ode, it creates a sense of serenity. It's as if everything happening around is subservient to the moment. Just listen to that saxophone and those keys! Absolutely delightful.

The track "Random Walk" creates a cozy and safe atmosphere filled with a sense of the moment. It's like a call to be happy in your own thoughts and enjoy each day. Lightness, happiness, and joy resonate in this track, which, in fact, has become my favorite on the album. This mood continues in the track "Dance Dance Dance," and it's impossible to sit still. Just surrender to this rhythm, perfect jazz that beckons you to dance. And indeed, that's what you want to do, regardless of the fact that I usually feel relaxation when listening to jazz music. In this case, I am absolutely surprised and intrigued – it's that perfect.

In the track "Take Your Time," which starts with improvisational ticking of the clock, there's a sense of timelessness in the sound. It's as if a delicate thread connects this track to the distant classics and unifies the experience. This track truly sounds like a genre classic. Know that it's one of those pleasant melodies where you step into a cozy café, order a cup of coffee, pleasant jazz music plays in the background, you sit at a table, and simply surrender to the moment.

"After the Sun Comes Rain (Outro)" is like our journey, where after moments of happiness and brightness, something darker and unpredictable always follows, but no less valuable. The sounds of rain and gentle rhythms remind us that there's always room for melody in our lives, even in difficult times. The musicians on this EP are clearly exploring not only jazz as a genre but also the meaning of it all, as we all search for something greater, something that expands our horizons and makes us reflect. This track concludes the album, but it also hints that the story we are writing continues beyond it, and each new day is a new note we can add to this melody of life.


I can't help but feel that this album is the music of the world. After all, every person on the planet will understand and feel it in their own way, and that's what makes the album "Miensk Sketches" so unique and profoundly emotional. You see, as I mentioned earlier, this album is a declaration of love to Minsk, like a vibrant valentine that lingers in your memory for a long time. And with each listen, new images will form in your mind, and feelings will stir in your soul. Lightmyfire Orchestra Service has crafted an experience that demands to be listened to repeatedly, each time revealing fresh nuances and emotions.

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