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LOVE LETTER by vega vi

Being on high, means embracing a positive emotion and focusing so heartily on your art process that no outside negativity can take your hide-out. Vega vi german/danish singer-songwriter started record her debut EP "Love Letter" on a snowy winter night in Oslo, and she finalized it in blooming Berlin in springtime.

"Love Letter" is revealed in detail. Vega did not discover anything fundamentally new in the genre, but the stylistic devices that vega uses have many catchy moments. "Love Letter" contains so many traditional synthwave elements with which she creates its own distinct brand of sound, not least of which is the thematically aligned vocals and track sequence.

The first title track "Love Letter" has a lingering sense of dreamy mood embodied in iterations of nostalgic lo-fi sounds. Vega immerses the listener in a kind of gallery of sound art. The song is riddled with synth arrangements and intermittent tempos. This gives a special realism to every minute of the sound of "Love Letter". Such decisions allowed vega to combine in a special way the dreamy atmosphere of 80s music and impressive futuristic soundscapes.

"Afternoon Daze" and "Healer" is a highly polished songs prepped and ready for the car stereos and headphones as it is a pure indie pop that paves the bridge for the rest of the EP.  From this point on, "Love Letter" achieves true creative freedom. Such compositions as "When I Met You" and "Molecules" are practically devoid of vocal parts and serve as a kind of interlude between pop songs and deep electronic sound.

"Molecules" (our absolute favorite by the way) is reminiscent of the soundtrack to an emotional journey. Song structure, like warm waves, run into each other, grow, and without rhythmic compulsion move along their spontaneous arcs of compositions.

"Love Letter" ends with "Boy, I" which is probably the most intimate track of vega vi.  The kind of droning, underwater sound that backs most ambient artists. "Love Letter" is an experimental album, teetering on the edge between indie-pop and ambient, but which, as you listen to it, continues to evolve and never cease to amaze the attentive listener. With a clear commitment to her music ideas that glow through genre, debut EP "Love Letter" truly is chapter one as the story of vega vi has only just begun.

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