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Lowly Light's 'COSMIC HEARTS EP': The Futuristic Soundtrack of Your Nightlife

Perhaps we should consider electronic music as something more than just a sonic kitchen. It has become a sort of alchemical experiment where sound-making tools intertwine with human imagination and technologies with boundless possibilities. Musicians, in this sounding labyrinth, act as modern-day alchemists, attempting to transform simple sounds into sonic magic. From the mystical synthesizer sounds that resemble a journey through hypnotic portals to basslines that seem to penetrate the depths of the human soul, electronic music is a sorcery that invokes genuine inspiration and transports listeners to uncharted realms. Matt Gorny (aka Lowly Light), the very magician in the world of electronic music, whose musical explorations intertwine with the genres of dance music, nu-disco, and electronic pop. He is the creator who seems to have taken control of the sound waves, turning them into a true musical fireworks display.

What wonders are hidden in his new collection, Cosmic Hearts EP! Five tracks, each of which is a journey into an uncharted cosmic world. Like keys to portals, they lead us to distant starry galaxies, lifting us from the dance floor and carrying us away from the mundane. Inspired by the sparkling stars and the magic of the universe, Matt Gorny has poured all his energy and passion into his tracks. He has created music that literally shines like bright stars in the musical sky. Indeed, baby, the music of Cosmic Hearts EP can easily rule the dance floors this autumn.

Forget everything you knew about music because when you first hear the track "Cosmic Hearts," you'll immediately feel the dance beats flowing into you in perfect symphony. This is the work of Lowly Light, where pop rhythms blend so harmoniously with nu-disco that it's as if all music comes to life in his performance. Strong, powerful vocals combined with stirring lyrics create a unique and immersive atmosphere that sweeps you away like a whirlwind into uncharted realms. The journey through cosmic constellations continues in the track "Can't Let Go," where electronic sounds shimmer like bright neon lights in a nighttime city. Every note, every chord, and every sound seem to radiate their own light, creating an atmosphere that immerses you in an endless nighttime party.


Despite the album's compact size, Matt managed to fit an entire world of sounds and emotions into it. One of the noteworthy aspects worth highlighting is the way Matt incorporates guitars into his music. This element adds new depth and density to the sound, giving it an incredible intrigue. On the track "Prayin'," despite its richness and brightness, Matt creates a mood that invites the listener to relax and immerse themselves in slow pop-synthesizer waves. This track can be described as the perfect synth-ballad, mesmerizing and delving into the hypnotic sounds of synthesizers, blending trebles, percussion, keys, and textural rhythms. In the middle of the track, the rhythm transitions into a cosmic pad and a subtle hypnotic ambient, creating an incredible atmosphere.

The album concludes with powerful tracks "Higher Higher" and "Back To Earth." In "Higher Higher," darkwave-like elements fill the entire space, adding experimental nuances. Listening to this track creates a sense of wild cosmic adventures and encounters with threats beyond this planet, which Matt successfully overcomes. Finally, the track "Back To Earth" returns us to a more familiar sound. Here, we once again hear perfect light disco rhythms and gentle vocal lines with soft choir choruses. The atmosphere becomes carefree and light, as if we are returning to Earth after an exciting cosmic journey.


Matt's "Cosmic Hearts EP" is a true discovery for anyone ready to immerse themselves in the magical realm of music. In this short collection of tracks, Matt skillfully blends synthesizers, guitars, and emotions, creating a unique atmosphere that makes us dream of uncharted horizons and harmony. From the refined notes of "Prayin'" to the bold sounds of "Higher Higher," each track enriches our musical perception and allows us to escape from the everyday. The closing track, "Back To Earth," brings us back to Earth with nostalgia and warmth. "Cosmic Hearts EP" is a musical journey we're willing to take again and again. Matt proves that electronic music can be rich and immersive while remaining light and captivating. This EP is a must for anyone seeking new sonic experiences and wishing to embark on a musical adventure beyond the familiar.

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