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Lyrical Frostbite: CARRYING TORCHES' Return with a Game-Changing New Single 'Snow Angel'!

Carrying Torches is returning to the music scene with a new single titled 'Snow Angel,' and it is undoubtedly one of those moments when you can feel the music penetrating deeper than just your ears.

'Snow Angel' is a powerful stadium rock track that evokes frosty sensations and immerses the listener in a mysterious, cold excitement, as if you are traversing snowy landscapes while Carrying Torches plays in your headphones. The song sounds more driving and heavier than their previous single, making it a perfect fit for the upcoming winter. The entire composition is shrouded in a somewhat somber mood that is felt from the very first notes. The vocals and instrumental accompaniment work in unison, creating an atmosphere filled with hidden despair, particularly evident in the song's chorus.

Carrying Torches clearly express their intent to change their sound and mood from single to single, and 'Snow Angel' is an excellent example of this evolution. The band doesn't confine itself to genre boundaries and continues to explore different facets of their musical creativity. Their new single allows the listener to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of winter melancholy and feel the emotional tension that permeates every note of 'Snow Angel.' Carrying Torches continues to delight us with their creative maturity and depth, and the new single is confirmation of their musical mastery. If you're looking for music that will make you reflect and provide unforgettable impressions, 'Snow Angel' is an excellent choice.

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