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Melodic Memoire #5: Experience Summer like Never Before

Summer is the time when we relax, enjoy the bright sun, and create unforgettable experiences. It is filled with sea adventures, beach parties, and unforgettable meetings with friends. And today is a special day because today, in Melodic Memoirs, we have collected the best tracks that deserve your attention. Our team has specially selected the hottest new releases and hits of this summer so that you can enjoy music that uplifts your mood and creates a unique holiday atmosphere.

Paige Valentine

"Cloud Dancing"

"Cloud Dancing" by Paige Valentine is an excellent track that has every chance to become a real hit. It's a perfect blend of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, so fans will definitely love it.

Jesse Detor


"Muse" by Jesse Detor is a grunge song inspired by the 90s. It plays with ideas of being girly, adoring, and seeking attention in a relationship. With its super garage mix, the song sounds like it was recorded in one take, staying true to the best traditions of grunge. Check it out; this track deserves attention.

South for Winter

"Underneath the Blood Moon"

"Underneath the Blood Moon" by South for Winter seems to have been created specifically for the intro of a vampire series like True Blood. This classic and atmospheric track gives you goosebumps.

Nina de Vitry

"Being with Myself"

"Being with Myself" by Nina de Vitry is a great American single about self-love. This song evokes deep feelings that can make you laugh or cry. The main highlight of "Being with Myself" is the changing rhythm in the chorus, giving the impression of two songs merged into one. Yet, everything sounds very harmonious. And, of course, Nina de Vitry's vocals are as impressive as ever.


We hope you enjoyed our selection of tracks and that you received positive emotions from our Melodic Memoirs. Be attentive to our announcements, follow the updates on our social networks, and stay with us so you won't miss a single interesting moment. We look forward to your return in the next issue as we continue our musical journey together. See you soon, dear friends! Get on the wave of Indie Boulevard and continue enjoying the summer and great music.

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