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Melodic Memoire #8: Unraveling the Beauty of Zoe Ko, And Is Phi, Chloe Jones and Holly Abraham

Yes, friends, I know you've missed me, but here I am, your constant guide through the driving waves of music that sink into the heart and excite the soul. Welcome to our weekly column, "Melodic Memoirs"! This time, I invite you to enjoy the rarest and most magnificent pop sounds that will make your heart skip a beat, relax on the shores of experimental jazz, and be inspired by the slow rhythms of jazztronics. After experiencing the pleasure of sexy and exciting pop vibes, we'll cool off with gentle acoustic folk, with a touch of yodeling in the vocals, and conclude our journey with a folk tune that will undoubtedly make you melt just as I did. Are you already intrigued? Then let's not delay any longer! Let our pop-folk adventure begin!

Zoe Ko

Rib Cage

This track is an amazing mix of emotions and sensual vocals. "Rib Cage" offers a genuine immersion into the softest and gentlest waves of pop sound. The singer's vocals are so captivating that it is impossible to tear yourself away from listening. It's the ideal track for romantic evenings and gentle dances by the fireplace.

And Is Phi

White Noise

And Is Phi seems to have come to us from another world and brings unusual and unique sounds into our lives. "White Noise" combines passionate jazz with a nu style, featuring a sexy, funky rhythm and light keys. It's perfect and delightful for those who need a recharge and for all lovers of perfect beats.

Chloe Jones


It's like honey pouring into your ears when Chloe Jones sings. Her single "Maxim" is a charming mixture of lightness, the gentle wind in her hair, and a warm evening. You'll be delighted with the pumping rhythm, gentle choir, violins, percussion, and amazing vocals with yodeling. It's a perfect nu-folk track that creates an aesthetic feeling of a medieval romantic fairy tale.

Holly Abraham

Hold on to me

The perfect pop acoustic sound in a dreamy haze on the track "Hold on to Me" sounds incredible. This release is a real revelation in indie music. The lightness of the melody, the gentle arrangement, and the whispering vocals sound so tender, as if you're being told intimate secrets. It's ideal for large festival venues, as well as for chamber halls and cozy rooms of every person on the planet. Amazing!


So, did you have a good time and find relaxation in our adventure? I hope that each of you has discovered new favorite tracks from our selection, and that your day has become a little better (I truly hope so). Well, now... See you soon, dear readers, in the next issue of "Melodic Memoirs." I promise to prepare new tracks for you that will conquer your hearts!







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