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Melodic Memoirs #7: Our Curated Collection of Tracks is a Gem Worth Risking Your T-Shirts For!

Hello again, everyone! I am your constant guide to the world of unforgettable beats and amazing music. Welcome to our weekly (well, almost weekly) column, Melodic Memoirs. Your dedicated host invites you to journey forward, or rather, take a step back in time, and immerse yourself in the delightful pop rhythms sprinkled with peppercorns of 2000. Later, savor a refreshing cherry juice cocktail while listening to the gentlest acoustic folk tunes. Afterward, brace yourself for an exhilarating rock experience and dive into the pool of the purest Americana. Excited for this freetime adventure? Then, roll up your sleeves and get ready to join in! Wuh!

Van Plating (feat. Elizabeth Cook)

"The Heron"

'Suwannee River... Alabama quiver' - this brand new single seems to have descended from the top spots of the country music charts. The singer's slightly hoarse vocals fill the atmosphere with lightness and warmth, while the arrangement with swinging guitars creates a nostalgic country music vibe. It's a great track for enjoyable evenings and light dances by the fireplace.


"Tell Me How You Feel"

Indulge in pure relaxation as you surrender to the gentle rhythm of "Tell Me How You Feel." The soothing voice, akin to a tender embrace, delicately caresses the ear, accompanied by the unhurried strums of an acoustic guitar and the soothing presence of a gentle bass. Beyond its musical appeal, "Tell Me How You Feel" engages in an enthralling conversation between two contrasting perspectives on love - one embracing rationality and the other immersed in fantasy.

The Never Ending Fall

"Wasn't So Bad"

Continuing with the light pop rock sound, the driving and commercial guitars in the track "Wasn't So Bad" are turned up to the max. Modern vocals, fast rhythm, and sonorous drums blend genres to create their own alternative rock style. This is a great track to crank up to full volume, and even the neighbors will approve!

Tom Webber

"Howling at the Moon"

Our selection concludes with a taste of real America. Paying tribute to the classic country sound, Tom Webber infuses modern motives, making his release a genuine hit. The catchy rock 'n' roll rhythm is haunting, making me want to dance until I drop. Such music is rarely made nowadays, my friends.


So, we've soaked our socks and torn our T-shirts to the driving rhythms of our selection. If your T-shirts are still intact, you can risk their integrity by listening to our playlist with this curated collection of tracks. And now, I bid you farewell until we meet again, until we dance again, and... see you in the next issue of Melodic Memoirs.

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