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Melodies Under the Sun: Six Songs to Accompany Your Summer Nights

July is finally here, and you know what that means? It's prime time for sunshine, sandy beaches, and those sweet summer vibes! While many of us are kicking back, enjoying holidays and well-deserved vacations, there's one thing that never takes a break—good music. Now, picture this: you're lying on a beach towel, feeling the warm sand between your toes, the salty ocean breeze gently caressing your skin, and the sound of waves crashing in the background. It's the perfect setting to let the music take you on a journey, right? July has arrived, and despite being the season of holidays, vacations, and complete relaxation, summer continues to delight music enthusiasts with incredible music.

Ben Stubbs "Raised by Man"

This gloomy cinematic piece explores the challenges faced by broken families, yet it manages to offer a ray of hope. The bluesy, slightly jazzy vibe of this track makes it a perfect addition to your playlist.

ECHLO "My Child"

In this song, the singer's incredible voice sounds soft and dreamy, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in a warm ocean of pop music. It's a tender romantic ballad that portrays love from a distance.

Olivia Belli "Anima I"

"Anima I" was created by Olivia Belli during a moment of deep meditation, contemplating the profound meaning of life beyond superficial material gains. The result is a restorative, intimate, and calming composition.

Jamie McDell "Madeline"

For those seeking an acoustic pop song, "Madeline" will surely tug at your heartstrings. It tells a story about an unexplored path and the uncertainty that ultimately leads to personal growth and fulfillment. The song is part of Jamie McDell's latest EP, titled Beach House.

Katie Keddie "Another Day"

This piece is a true masterpiece of poetry. Katie Keddie crafts a musical journey from chaos to personal satisfaction, showcasing her newfound boldness, happiness, and confidence. It's a remarkable acoustic folk performance.

Raktajino "Kanar"

"Kanar" is a cold instrumental neo-soul/jazz track from Raktajino's debut album. Hailing from Paraguay, this 12-minute composition encompasses a wide range of jazz colors, making it a definite recommendation for all fans of the genre.


This summer's music scene is on fire! I hope you've discovered some new favorites and that these tracks will find their way into your playlists. Keep those music-loving hearts open and ready for more, because we'll be back next week with more captivating tunes to share. Until then, take care, stay groovy, and keep listening to the sweet sound of good music! See you next time!

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