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Meow Piglet's Debut Album 'Deeper': A Bold Experimentation or a Meandering Dive into Ambiguity?

In the midst of an era rife with uncertainty, Finnish jazz luminary Aurora Hentunen and the versatile multi-instrumentalist Branislav Vlaisavljević came together under the moniker Meow Piglet, igniting an experimental spark that culminated in their debut album, "Deeper." Within the intimate confines of their sonic laboratory, Meow Piglet crafted an offering that transcends the confines of traditional pop paradigms. "Deeper" unfurls as an anthology of introspective narratives, delving into the raw fabric of vulnerability, the tumult of societal shifts, and the enigmatic labyrinth of human emotions. However, despite the album's thematic depth, it falls prey to moments of meandering ambiguity.

An ideal powerful synth, “Glide (Intro),” propels time and wave, literally breaking the broadcast of familiar sound, smoothly transitioning into “For the Night.” And this transition you won't even notice! Gently, stylishly, effortlessly, and sexily, this track can easily revolutionize the synthpop. Tender keys, light rhythms, and pads create an atmosphere of complete immersion in sound. It's impossible not to be moved by the vibrant rhythms of the track “By The Water,” where it feels like the heart itself is beating and cosmic pads transport you to another sonic space. Then, the gentle track “Sunset” embraces with a familiar pop sound, only to shatter all expectations in the track “What Happened to Chris.”

The low, minor-toned, deep sound seamlessly flows into my consciousness and completely shifts the mood and atmosphere of the album, balancing between multiple emotions. The track “Doors Ft. Luka Batista” is a pure experiment with synth-house sounds hinting at emotional waves capable of captivating anyone's consciousness. Each sound in the track “AMS” feels like burying your face into a pillow, from the rapid and gripping shifts in mood and feelings. The final track, “Little Too Much,” wholly encapsulates the album's emotional depth, begging to be listened to and replayed. It's as if in this last track, tenderness blends with passion, fear, and a sense of inevitability, while the feeling of love finally finds its cradle. An astounding synth!

The album, conceived during the tumultuous tides of a global pandemic, encapsulates the isolating aura of the time. Yet, while the album promises a deep dive into the psyche, its thematic coherence falters in its attempt to grapple with multifaceted emotions. The listener is submerged in a narrative mosaic where the line between introspection and indulgent obscurity blurs, leaving one yearning for more clarity amid the nebulous verses. So yes, "Deeper" by Meow Piglet reflects an intriguing symbiosis of musical experimentation and the analysis of jazz structures through the lens of contemporary electronics. And that, my friends, is worthy of applause.

"Deeper" positions itself as an expedition into uncharted musical territories, courtesy of Meow Piglet's pedigree in jazz studies. The album's unconventional sonic palette defies the confines of standardized pop and rock, luring the listener into a sonic realm that oscillates between experimental bravado and a quest for unexplored realms. Yet, this very ambition occasionally shackles the album, with tracks traversing territories that may leave some listeners disoriented amidst the auditory dimension.

The duo's audacious endeavor to dismantle musical conventions is both commendable and, at times, confounding. "Deeper" revels in its refusal to adhere to the predictable, offering a melange of soundscapes that challenge the listener's preconceptions. Meow Piglet's dedication to pushing the boundaries of sonic artistry is evident, yet it occasionally sacrifices accessibility in favor of abstract experimentation.


In the realm of experimental music, the allure lies in its capacity to defy norms and challenge perceptions. "Deeper" embodies this ethos, unapologetically venturing into unexplored sonic territories. Meow Piglet's brazen commitment to artistic innovation is commendable, albeit at the cost of occasional thematic cohesion. For the adventurous listener seeking to traverse the labyrinthine depths of introspective melodies, "Deeper" offers a captivating, albeit enigmatic, voyage into the uncharted waters of sonic experimentation.

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