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Musical liberation: embracing the poetic imagery of Bad Bubble's "a Requiem"

With each new release, Bad Bubble delves deeper into the realm of experimental creativity. The fusion of retro, electric, soothing, and orchestral sounds works wonders on the mind.


The experience of listening to Bad Bubble's music is that remarkable feeling when art speaks directly to your soul and intuition, engulfing you in a sensory journey where you surrender to the sounds while embracing a shared theme. That, my friends, is the magic of Bad Bubble's music. It is the magic of sound that can be witnessed in his EP, "a Requiem," which is set to release on all streaming platforms on June 6th. I had the exclusive opportunity to listen to the release, and I am thoroughly delighted by the unexpected fusion of genres that lends the music a hint of mystery, magic, and inexplicability. The EP, "a Requiem," is characterized by haunting low, minor chords that break free from conventional boundaries and immerse listeners in Bad Bubble's synthetic world of drama.

The bright anxiety reverberates through the captivating vocal line of the opening track, "This is for Sicily." As the main instrument, Bad Bubble's vocals rise with a heartfelt plea, intertwining seamlessly with the sonorous arrangement. It's a song that possesses an undeniable strength and soulfulness, beckoning you to immerse yourself fully and let your heart and soul guide the creation of your own imagery and contemplations.

We embark on a continued exploration of the extraordinary realm in which Bad Bubble's characters reside. This time, we are transported to an immersive environment, vividly envisioning the very place where the forthcoming Bad Bubble album's events will unfold. The EP serves as a beacon, shedding light on and intricately complementing the overarching narrative of Bad Bubble's musical releases. It's an artistic journey where "a Requiem" becomes an inseparable piece of the larger, mesmerizing picture painted by the musician. In the second track, "Federal Fish," the musician becomes fully immersed in the arthouse sound, which possesses a magical quality - the ability to captivate. With its fast-paced beat, resounding high elements, captivating solo, and provocative vocals, it evokes a sense of unsettling space, protest, and a longing to break free from the clutches of darkness. I appreciate how Bad Bubble skillfully transitions the atmosphere from offbeat and heavy to light and dreamy across the four tracks.

The penultimate track, "Fog Face," feels like a salvation, akin to a dialogue with one's own soul amidst the soothing echoes of ambient pads in the unfolding performance. To me, the EP's finale stands as one of the strongest in recent times. The EP, "a Requiem," encapsulates both delight and tears, leaving you infected with the inexhaustible energy of Bad Bubble's world. "SpyWave" serves as the final track of the "a Requiem" EP, effectively completing the album's artistic landscape. This dark composition delves into the realm of nightmares, provoking contemplation about future releases: will the darkness dissipate? What lies ahead in this realm of haunting dreams? As the track progresses, the darkness intensifies, ultimately culminating in the EP's conclusion.


Despite the presence of surrealism in Bad Bubble's work, he does not cloak his music in enigmatic puzzles. Instead, he embraces honesty and invites open interpretation. Overall, from what I can gather, all of his works, starting from the debut album "Future 9," resemble free-associative writing. However, instead of using pen and paper to pour out his thoughts, Bad Bubble utilizes musical notes. Beginning as a dramatic exploration intertwined with themes of nostalgia, childhood, heartbreak, and Anna's new life, these details manifest as poetic imagery representing the gradual collapse of the past, ultimately leading to liberation. In his lyrics, Bad Bubble does not conceal his emotions, resulting in music that embarks on a visually striking journey through the protagonist's consciousness, wandering through alleys and hidden corners. What makes "a Requiem" even more fascinating is that this ongoing narrative captivates and enthralls not only due to its dramatic phantasmagoria but also because of its remarkable technical prowess, intriguing soundscapes, and intricate vocal harmonies and melodies. In short, "a Requiem" is an exquisitely beautiful and sensual EP. You will have the chance to personally confirm this on June 6th. The wait is almost over.

'a Requiem' by Bad Bubble arriving June 6

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