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NAME SAYERS' New Album: Why Everyone Should Know About It and Why It Is So Important

In the long time that I have devoted myself to music journalism, I often encounter innovative musicians/bands/singers who seamlessly blend various genres, fashion trends, and diverse national cultures in their releases. And, my friends, it is within the "indie" direction that you can find true revelations. It is my pleasure to introduce you to musicians who have taken a step further and revolutionized the music industry. After a long wait, I'm thrilled to share my excitement with all of you. The latest album from the incredible Name Sayers is finally here, titled "Joyboys In The Grindhouse," and guess who produced it? None other than the renowned Grammy nominee, Grant Eppley. This album is out now and trust me, it's something out of this world! Listening to "Joyboys In The Grindhouse" is like taking a thrilling roller coaster ride through space, all while wearing a spacesuit. This album successfully intertwines elements of dark pop, low waves, synth, trendy hip hop, and contemporary sound with artistic finesse. The album cover draws inspiration from the renowned Italian artist Caravaggio, a master of the Baroque style, who challenged the conventional world order in painting. In a similar revolutionary fashion, Name Sayers are also reshaping the landscape of the music industry.

The debut album "Mantles" left a profound impression on me with its unique blend of pop, experimental, and emotional elements. Its transparent and well-balanced symbolism and musical structure were simply marvelous. And now, after more than five years, Name Sayers are back with a new full-length album. The new album "Joyboys In The Grindhouse" comprises of 11 tracks, each intricately connected through history and emotions. The album opens with the track "We Multiply," enveloping the mind with its haunting, low, and minor chords of synth-pop. The incredible vocals act as conductors of emotions, blending seamlessly with the rich synth arrangement. Percussions flicker like stars in the night sky, while the keys establish the tone. The overdriven guitars break the sound barrier, and as we reach the middle of the track, a completely novel sound in the history of music is unveiled.

Moving on to the next track, "Receiving Evil," it surprises with an unexpected funk start, followed by a slight acoustic and country overtone. However, this combination quickly collapses into an intense chorus, taking an experimental direction of heavy psycho rock. Devin James Fry's vocals act as a guiding star, leading the melody with a necessary dark intrigue. The track "Reaper" showcases the musicians' incredible experimentation. Hellman's guitar shimmers in the ear as Fry's vocals disintegrate into gentle and light modern pop tunes. His voice proves to be remarkably unique, adding new shades to each track.

In "Standing Wave," the hypnotic synth-wave takes our journey into space, overshadowing our consciousness with its disturbing notes. As we progress to "Gravedancer (ft. Chris Conde)," we are met with an astonishing recitative. The gothic and oppressive sound drives listeners to the brink of hypnotic pleasure. The melody undergoes an amazing development, building tension towards the middle of the track, making "Gravedancer (ft. Chris Conde)" my personal favorite. The heavy synth sound intensifies the experience, sending chills down the spine. The protest, fire, and power conveyed through every sound are truly incredible. And oh, those breathtaking bass lines by Grant Himmler! In my opinion, they are the driving force behind the entire album.

After an impactful protest, our journey continues with "Gravedancing Again," where Marc Henry masterfully crafts a stylish rhythm, akin to an uncontrollable wave of sound. With its pristine production and intricate tonalities, this track stands out as the pinnacle of the psychedelic synth wave genre. As we reach the midpoint of the album, a sense of rebirth and complete detachment from reality envelops you. This transformative effect is precisely what one expects from sound maestros and musical geniuses. "Three Will Grow Back (ft. Wayne Kramer, Chris Conde, E-Turn)" unites the formidable voices of the pop and hip-hop industries, resulting in a brilliant masterpiece. On the other hand, '2 Go Missing' evokes the sensation of sinking to the ocean's depths with its captivating sound. This pop ballad reminds me of a thriller, where true evil clashes with good at every turn, creating an extraordinary and hypnotic ambiance supported by a dark rhythm.

The album reaches its grand finale with the captivating track, "The Oblivion Seed." In the hands of psychedelic masters, this song becomes a pure experimental canvas of sound, transcending into the realm of the purest art. Listen to this track with open-heartedness, and you will witness how hidden symbolism and the musicians' brightest souls are unveiled within each note. The final track exudes a sense of melancholy, with the vocals dissolving into the enchanting synth beats, as if performing the most crucial aria of their lives. It is a true arthouse masterpiece, evoking a captivating fusion of emotions and imagery that resonates deeply with the listener's soul.


I never imagined they could create something more powerful than their debut album "Mantles" in 2018, but after 5 years, Name Sayers proves me wrong. This is Name Sayers in all their glory! Their latest album pierced me and evoked a genuine catharsis. From a technical perspective, I'd also give it a solid 10, although I missed the vintage hiss present in their first album. Personally, I highly recommend the new album to fans of experimental avant-garde music. It will leave a great impression.

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