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New Album from Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin: A Return to Raw, Unadulterated Music

In a world where likes, followers, and reposts determine our musical preferences, Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin break the norms and introduce a new approach to discovering music. Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin, a mysterious solo project led by songwriter Adam Featherstone, is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, which often, if not always, is defined by its presence on social media and branding. Their new album 'Sounds of The Chaplins' challenges you to immerse yourself in the music itself, freeing yourself from the noise and distractions of social networks. It's similar to the experience of picking up a vinyl record and delving into the unknown, guided only by the cover and genre.

Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin turn the industry around 360 degrees, offering the listener an experience of getting to know their music through an element of surprise. Will you attempt to discover the artist and their music solely through the album and cover, without social networks, without numerous comments and recommendations? Give it a try, and you won't be able to stop. That's exactly the experience that Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin offer with their album "Sounds of The Chaplins." This completely changes the approach to enjoying music, and Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin does it amazingly. Adam Featherstone is almost absent from social networks, which only adds to the sense of mystery and intrigue, piquing genuine interest not only in the musician's persona but also in his music. The music on the album "Sounds of The Chaplins" is strong, powerful, at times gritty and nostalgic, at times psychedelic and ambiguous.

The album is an indie rock rollercoaster, starting with the passionate "Wanderer" and transitioning to the fast and sensual "Thrill Of The Chase." It's like immersing oneself in a new and unforgettable world. The track "I'm a Hurricane" sounds like a classic rock ballad with elements of gritty and nostalgic punk rock. The album cover in black and white tones is obviously chosen to complement the album's sound. It transitions from black tones in the experimental and almost psychedelic sounds of "She Doesn't Know I'm Alive" and "Black Nights, Amber Lights" to white shades typical of familiar and classic rock chords in tracks like "Swiss Love" and "That's Why! (We're so damn high...)". The album's sound is imbued with nostalgia, reinterpretation, and the absence of digital influences, along with the melancholy that's characteristic of indie rock. Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin have breathed life into true indie music, pouring their hearts into it, and their song lyrics are impossible to remain indifferent to.

I want to highlight the penultimate track, "Get In Line," which radically differs from the overall tone of the album and shifts its direction. Here, modern sound blends into rock with elements of funk, providing a breath of fresh air that continues in the track "One Last Step To Midnight," which closes the album. It's a ballad with a gritty, whispering, and rustling sound, reminiscent of classic punk rock. In this track, there's a fusion of classic punk rock sounds with the unique sound of Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin, filled with light, brightness, and positivity. This track illustrates the musician's desire to move forward, exploring new styles and genres.

In a world where artists often pay more attention to branding and their presence on social media, Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin prioritize music and offer a different perspective on the world of music. They challenge listeners to deeply immerse themselves in the music, disconnecting from the digital world. In the past, to buy a desired album, you had to go out and physically obtain it, for goodness' sake! In a world where every aspect of an artist's life is on public display, this solo project dares to defy the norm and present itself solely through the music.


Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin takes us back to the roots of classic rock, drawing inspiration from the spirit of great musicians and opening the way to uncharted creative horizons. In 2023, they present an album that existed before the creation of social media profiles and photoshoots, proving that sometimes, all you need to make a profound impression is simply the music. Chaplin Supro & The Mirrorball Spin breathe new life into the world of indie music, urging us to reconsider the true essence of music.

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