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NEW INCEPTION by Colour Of The Sky

The debut album 'New Inception' by Colour Of The Sky is a hypnotic combination of arthouse, industrial and rethinking genre clichés. Experimental, crazy attitude through the eyes of a talented musician.

The first words that came to mind when listening to the album were 'the post-apocalyptic soundtrack'. Time travel album. Music in it rushes through events and destroys everything in its path. Sometimes unusual melodies bring lost memories back to life. The album is able to free itself from limitations and prejudices to open the listener's mind to completely new music. Colour Of the Sky is a project of the Czech musician Michael Marek. Indeed, his courage as a musician goes far beyond the normal, because not every listener will allow you to open your mind to experimental industrial and saturate yourself with new sensations.

Before you start listening, it is worth noting right away that this album is not for everyone. 'New Inception' can be compared to high fashion. Men in high heels and with a dental expander in their teeth. Girls dressed like inflatable dolls and wearing giant rubber bladders that contract as they walk. No, this is not a nightmare of fashion students, but images from high fashion shows. 'New Inception' is high fashion, but only in the world of music.

The first track 'New Start, New Inception' is a real nature, cold and dark ambient. Instrumental music can do a lot. It lets the listener be alone with himself and takes the soul behind him. To be honest, I have been waiting for something like this to appear on Indie Boulevard for a long time. The album starts with an ambient melody and evolves into a surging undercurrent of electronica with rock elements. Sometimes Michael contributes his own voice, but the instrumental remains in the foreground.

'Coming Of Age' a slow, gentle and soothing sound. An honest respite after a loud and assertive start. Michael calms the troubled mind with short vocals and quality electronic arrangements. The song is sensitive and is perceived in harmony with the concept of the album. In the middle of the track the rhythm breaks, which brings you back down to earth and makes you aware that the album has just begun.

'Silver Screen' is an instrumental piece, very rhythmic and moving. You can dance in a trance or fly in deep meditation. In addition, the soundscape of the big city. Long notes, sometimes catching the ear, are felt as background noise of the real world. Arthouse representation of the real world, and perhaps its dark side.

'Gillotined' is not inferior to the tension and melancholy, but from this moment the musician adds synthesisers and electronic sounds. The main charachter of 'New Inception' seems to be taken from the smoky post-apocalyptic world into the depths of space. Amazingly good work with sound and harmonies. The album contains a professional combination of a large number of sound elements that form a new beginning in experimental music.

One of the most important masterpieces of the album is the track 'I Thought You Would Understand Me'. Due to the fine play with rhythm, the most difficult track to play has become our favourite. Difficult material to listen to, but definitely for connoisseurs of new art house music and artists who want to go beyond musical standards. Sometimes the tracks sound like a stream of consciousness, but that just gives them a special melody and atmosphere.

Melancholy gives way to joy and the magic of liberation. 'New Inception' is movement, energy and power. Three elements of the album that take you over for almost 42 minutes. A great and sensitive work certainly deserves to be heard and worthy of high awards.

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