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Oliver James Brooks' New Album Redefines Folk-Alt Norms!

Canadian singer-songwriter Oliver James Brooks from Toronto continues his adventure, pushing the boundaries of the folk-alt genre with each new release, surprising listeners. His music is an immersion in a variety of sounds, an exploration of depths, and an absolute commitment to sound. Brooks' previous works have garnered wide recognition from numerous music publications, highlighting his extraordinary talent and innovative approach to the genre. An unrestrained spirit of innovation permeates every note of his music, introducing an entirely new wave to folk-alt. His fourth album, "In A Little Long While," marks a new stage in his creative career, revealing the musician as an innovator carrying the roots of folk music and a vintage sound.

Oliver James Brooks is a true guardian of traditions in the era of digital technology. His dedication to analog recording methods, particularly his use of tape, sets him apart from contemporary musicians. In an era where digital formats have firmly taken hold, he opens the door to the past by creating music on magnetic tape. Such an unusual approach might be considered a whim or eccentricity, but it seems to me that Brooks simply has a sincere desire to preserve the warmth and feeling of live performance.

"In A Little Long While" has become the culmination of his exploration into analog instruments within the alternative country style. Each song is like a chapter in a book, felt right from the first track, "In A Little Long While." The perfect blend of soft folk-country with a hint of rock vocals creates an atmosphere filled with sensuality and tenderness. Listening to the album, it seems that beyond the soft folk-country, as heard in track like "Carried Along," the album is infused with musical experiments in sound and mood. Every analog sound reminiscent of bygone eras, and every chord transports you to a world of melancholy and hope simultaneously, as evident in tracks like "The Deeper You Go" and "The Lonely Man I See."

The album stands as evidence that the true impact of music isn't confined to numbers and technology but reaches deeper, touching the hearts of those willing to listen. While recording this album, Oliver James Brooks intentionally preserved the warmth of tape hiss, as if that nostalgic tremor added depth and emotional richness to each track. The magic of folk-rock sounds warm and tender in the track "How It's Goin'," while in "Over Under On The Other," there's a perfect experimentation with sounds, and the instruments blend seamlessly in their perfection. I must admit, I adore the sound of Brooks. It's precisely this special combination of oscillating sounds, nostalgic tape hiss, and analog imperfections of vintage '70s equipment that the musician used for recording that gave "In A Little Long While" its unique character, making each song on this album an experience that resonates from the Brooks' heart.

"In A Little Long While" delves into the theme of life's contrasts and the duality of everyday concerns and thoughts. Each track speaks of ups and downs, of feeling lost and the joy of being found, of finding harmony. This album invited the listener to pay attention to the beauty in imperfections and the contradictions of life. Thus, "In A Little Long While" became not only a musical exploration through life's contradictions and contrasts but also an echo of time. It's an invitation to reexperience feelings in an analog key, where loss becomes part of finding, and contrasts become the melody of life.

This sentiment resonates incredibly sensually in the final track, "Right Place, Wrong Time," where the gentle guitar, the perfect, deep vocals of Brooks merge to form a folk-alt ballad of modern life, crafted for the contemporary listener. "In A Little Long While" was the result not only of Brooks' creative genius but also of loyal friends who became an integral part of the album. Long-time friend Annie Rowlinson played the bass guitar, adding a special musical depth and charm to the album. Talented producer and drummer Jack Emblem provided the rhythmic foundation, creating an emotional platform for every note. And keyboardist Nick Johnston contributed a soulful sound to this release.


From the very first chords of "In A Little Long While," I was enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and nostalgia. Every sound and melody seemed to be drawn from the pages of some ancient yet familiar book. The music by Oliver James Brooks in "In A Little Long While" feels crafted to transport you to a world where each note is a part of a grander narrative, where every chord is a simultaneous touch of both past and present.

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