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ONE ARM TAN by Ciaran McGhee

Scottish singer-songwriter Ciaran McGhee has released the most unusual and energetic country-rock EP I have heard in a long time - fast, deep and sometimes hilarious.

'One Arm Tan' by Ciaran McGhee is special in every way. The EP is very different from the debut album 'Don't Quit You Day Job,' so the new work is definitely worth listening to. It's a strong statement to the entire music world about Ciaran's serious intentions to conquer the big stage, or at least part of it. The tracks on EP blow like a hurricane: a hurricane of strong and unstoppable Americana, punk and thunderous rock.

Despite the wild mix of genres, 'One Arm Tan' generally describes universal things that people from all over the world can understand. You have to listen carefully to every word and every note, in order to understand the message. It's a perfect EP in the sense that Ciaran managed to convey the contradictory atmosphere of the current time. People want to believe in the best, but their true feelings - anxiety, fatigue, constant doubts, the desire to improve their lives - still creep out. In terms of sound, the EP on 'One Arm Tan' is very varied, not boring and turned out solid.

The first track 'One Arm Tan' is a sunny and carefree mood. The track does not settle down for a second, just the free spirit of Americana with elements of folk-mediaeval music and rock. Ciaran perfectly maintains the balance between genres and his own style. Listening to the track, you feel like you are on a long road. Maybe it's a road to nowhere, or maybe it's a road to a better future. The important thing is that the road carries you forward and only forward, 'One Arm Tan' conveys this feeling perfectly. The sense of freedom and the unfamiliar feeling of belonging to another world is amplified in the track 'Here We F**king Go.' The guitars sound really powerful and fat, and the strings strum beautifully.

'All Things Considered' is a kind of stopover, where you can take a break. Ciaran loves the Americana genre. In this genre he feels freedom, comfort, changes it and surprises with a unique sound. The final track 'Hypocrite' sounds even faster and more unstoppable. This is punk rock with elements of country and folk, well sung, played and recorded. Amazing mix.

'One Arm Tan' is an unforgettable journey into the universe of Ciaran McGhee, a journey that stands out for its particular fun. The musician has managed to surprise, and on his own terms, without adapting to trends or fan requests. You know, many rock albums have already been released up to now. However, no other popular artist has managed to so accurately capture the spirit of this time, where freedom and hope coexist and constantly replace each other.

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