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PARTY@MYHOUSE: "Mother nature is powerful and we channel a lot of island energy into our music"

Prepare to have your musical senses awakened, for Party@MyHouse is unlike anything you've ever heard before. Their intoxicating melodies and infectious beats transcend genres, creating a sonic experience that defies categorization. With every performance, they transport audiences to a realm where time stands still and revelry knows no bounds.


Party@MyHouse aims to evoke an unparalleled sense of euphoria, ensuring that each listener is captivated by their irresistible energy. From the first note to the final chord, they beckon you to immerse yourself in their world, promising an addictive experience that will leave you craving for more. If you have a penchant for seductive rock music that oozes sensuality, Party@MyHouse is poised to become your new obsession. Indie Boulevard is thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Party@MyHouse, an extraordinary musical triad hailing from the enchanting shores of Kapaa, Hawaii. Known for their unmatched dedication to the art of jamming, this band unleashes a fusion of sounds that can turn any house into a non-stop party, be it on Earth or any other celestial realm you call home.

Indie Boulevard: Aloha Party@MyHouse, it's an honor to chat with a band whose music aims to create a timeless and lively experience for listeners worldwide. As a band hailing from the beautiful island of Hawaii, Could you share any specific examples of how Hawaii has left its imprint on your artistic expression and the themes explored in your music?

Party@MyHouse: Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean definitely affects your creative process. Drawing from the beauty of the island, it’s like having a musical paintbrush on the tip of your surfboard. Mother nature is super powerful and we channel a lot of island energy into our music.

IB: Your band is known for creating a sense of timelessness and revelry in your music. What is your creative process like when it comes to fusing different musical styles together?

P@MH: It’s like we are all running in a field and one of us grabs the others hands and says “We’re going this way.” And off we go. All three of us have come from such diverse musical backgrounds, that whatever theme comes through in the the moment, we each add our individual spice to the pot and create a different flavor each time. We are not confined by any musical constraints. Its tantric.

IB: Your new single "Enter Pluto" is a retro rock song that clocks in at six minutes, and it's an epic journey for the listener. I'm curious to know more about the inspiration behind this piece - was there a specific event, feeling, or experience that sparked its creation?

P@MH: It’s part of a greater concept. We want each song to portray a feeling of the planet as if you were experiencing it for the first time through the eyes of a star traveler. Ian conceived that original riff because that’s what he believed it would feel like as if you saw the dwarf planet after traveling through empty space. We all jammed on it and Enter Pluto was born.

IB: Could you share any interesting anecdotes or behind-the-scenes stories from the creation of "Enter Pluto" that fans may find intriguing?

P@MH: We recorded it live in one take at the “Smithsonian,” AKA, Becca’s House.

IB: As a band named Party@MyHouse, you bring a unique experience to your audience by occasionally performing concerts in a house setting. How do these intimate settings affect your performance and audience interaction compared to a traditional stage?

P@MH: In a small setting, we get to have a lot of fun with the crowd. We also experiment more, throwing out new ideas and bouncing them off the audience. And Austin loves when someone else's sweat mixes with his sweat.

IB: Do you have any memorable moments from these house concerts that stand out to you as particularly special or unexpected?

P@MH: We played a house show just beside a river on the north shore (rainy side). Halfway through the show it was torrential. People dancing in knee deep mud. But it forced the crowd to get right under our pavilion with us. It was intimate and wet. Very sexy. House shows in Hawaii usually involve bonfires, lots of dogs running around and joining us on stage, a really freed up vibe, people really let it all hang out which is great for the band and the music.

IB: With your second LP set to release this summer, what can fans expect from this upcoming album?

P@MH: It’s a conceptual thematic album. There is a storyline to follow that we hope to release with the album. It’s an evolution of our chemistry that really was accelerated by Covid and having nothing to do but jam.

IB: With the release of your new album on the horizon, fans are surely eager to see Party@MyHouse perform live once again. Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming live shows or tour plans?

P@MH: We are expanding to the west coast areas of the U.S. in June. After that we will go north. We are planning to head East in 2024.

IB: The name Party@MyHouse suggests a fun and inviting atmosphere. If you could throw a dream party with any musicians, who would be on the guest list, and what would the party be like?

P@MH: Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Bruddah Iz, Gabby Pahanui Sipping martinis and drinking fine wine. I just hope at some point during the party, everyone heads down to the recording studio in the mansion and we all jam together and everyone gets a line (of music not drugs).

IB: And the last question. Party@MyHouse is all about having a good time and bringing people together through music. When you're not performing, what are some of your favorite ways to party and let loose? Are there any Hawaiian traditions or activities that you particularly enjoy? :)

P@MH: Ian moves energy through fire, born of lava. Austin like to hike in the mountains and get lost in nature. Becca likes to surf and bathe in the starlight. Together we dance around fires and worship mother nature like fairy sprites.

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