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PETER NGQIBS Has Finally Introduced His New Album "WDYS?" To The World!

The name Peter Ngqibs may seem like a mystery, but behind this enigma lies something quite fascinating. In the world of music, this artist is becoming increasingly prominent, and his long-awaited album "WDYS?", released today, promises to meet expectations and take him to new heights. Behind the producer's desk for this album is a familiar name - Gavin Bradley. This master of musical arrangements boasts an impressive list of collaborations with stars like Nelly Furtado, LeAnn Rimes, Kylie Minogue, and many others. With "WDYS?", he promises to introduce us to a new sonic world filled with bold experiments and musical discoveries. His musical journey has taken him through a multitude of stages and venues, from the Smoking Dragon Festival in South Africa to Brooklyn Pride, The Bowery Electric, and The Bitter End in New York. Furthermore, the single "Broken" from the musician's debut album made it to the top 30 club charts in the UK in 2017. These performances have given his music a unique charm, and the album "WDYS?" is the next step towards global recognition.

And now, "WDYS?" - six years after the release of his debut album, the musician returns with a reimagining and a fresh perspective on the world. "WDYS?" is an album that promises to redefine our understanding of music. At first glance, it may appear to be a blend of various genres, from meditative lo-fi sounds to acoustic, from commercial pop sounds to Latin American music. Beneath this diverse surface, each song turns out to be a unique work of art, changing its form and mood from track to track. This album is an exceptional piece of work and a demonstration of Peter Ngqibs' musical mastery.

The album features 13 impeccable tracks that create a true immersion into Peter's musical world. Birdsong, rustling leaves, and a gentle, hypnotic meditation greet us in the track "wdys?". It's as if the musician invites us to tune into inner self-awareness and let the music pass through our souls. You will feel how passionate and powerful rhythms fill your consciousness in the track "sweety" feat. Moonchild Sanelly, irresistibly delivering a sense of joy and happiness. I'm particularly impressed by how the musician weaves elements of ambient and hypnotic pads into the melody in the track "i told you so," allowing him to maintain the album's concept and slowly immerse the listener into his world of meditation and self-discovery.

I am no stranger to meditation practices, and I can assure you that Peter Ngqibs' music indeed possesses that sense of immersion, flight, and the ability to alter the flow of time. You will find solace in the track "breathe," with its gentle vocals, perfect lyrics, and meditative textural sound enveloping the song. Then, as if delving deep within yourself, you'll discover the melancholic track "tongue tied" feat. Kisos. Incredibly, the progression of sound on the album mirrors the movement of thoughts during the initial stages of meditation when the mind is turbulent and a flood of thoughts and voices emerges. Personally, for me, this wave-like movement of thoughts that ebb and flow is reflected in the tracks "nothing to hide" feat. Travie Austin, Daveda Browne, Mia Pafumi and "sunflower."

Track "nothing to hide" is inspired by Latin American music, fast, passionate, and commanding, while "sunflower" takes you on a complete immersion into a pop ballad with tender arrangements and vocals. As if undergoing a rebirth, the final track "sweety (sevenths take) begins, closing the cycle and offering a sense of freedom and joy. This is a unique expression of the artist's personality that permeates the entire "WDYS?" and makes it breathtaking. It exudes individuality, passion, and uniqueness, rendering this album truly one-of-a-kind.


"WDYS?" stands for "What Do You See?" and it represents a deep dive into one's own self, an exploration of oneself. The music on this album is free, light, and full of movement and change, just like a person's personality. This album cannot be confined to any standard genre because it represents an entirely new understanding of human psychology and one's own emotions. Peter Ngqibs has given the world something truly remarkable that will enrich our souls and allow us to see ourselves from a new perspective. "WDYS?" offers each listener on the planet a journey into the realm of their own soul, and this journey is definitely worth embarking upon. The album is available now!

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