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Our Deepest Look Into 'Picture Albums,' the Debut Record from goodkitty

goodkitty, a musical project embodying the creative force and passion of Katie Colt, impresses with her debut EP "Picture Albums," released on February 9th. After a long period of independent work from 2020 to 2022, which included studying the guitar and mastering production skills, goodkitty teamed up with co-producer Andrew Arbetter to complete the EP.


Indeed, the impression from "Picture Albums" is striking in every aspect. This record exudes the inexhaustible spark of creativity, ignited from the first song and only intensifying with each subsequent track, enveloping the listener more and more strongly in its flame.

photo by Stephanie Jensen

goodkitty has poured her heart and passion into this project, reflecting her life experiences and memories through music. This path, filled with dedication and a constant pursuit of self-improvement, mirrors goodkitty's devotion and passion for music. Katie Colt has turned the goodkitty project into a source of her creative expression, investing her soul and energy into it. goodkitty astounds with her extraordinary drive and talent, playing multiple instruments. Her ability to master the piano, guitar, while also acting as a producer underscores her self-sufficiency in the creative process. The ability to bring her own ideas and vision to life reflects not just a pursuit of outstanding results, but rather a desire for her music to precisely convey her own emotions, experiences, and innermost feelings.

The EP "Picture Albums" kicks off with the track "Red," where goodkitty's flawless vocals seamlessly blend with a contemporary indie rock atmosphere, instantly capturing the listener's attention with its deep and sensual emotionality. I'm enamored by how in "Sabrina," the musical energy explodes, reaching a new level of power and strength. The infectious chords and impressive lyrics in this track reveal the stylistic essence of pop rock, leaving an unforgettable impression. In "Memory Lane," the unexpectedly slow and light sound completely alters the textural movement of the album. The minimalist and passionate arrangement, along with the singer's deep vocals, creates an intimate atmosphere, allowing each word, story, and feeling conveyed by goodkitty to resonate deeply.



"Picture Albums" is a whole world created based on the memories and experiences of the singer herself. goodkitty utilized the concept of a photo album. Each song in "Picture Albums" is like a separate page with photographs depicting scenes, emotions, and memories that permeate goodkitty's life.

photo by Stephanie Jensen

The combination of music with visual imagery creates a wonderful harmony, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past and feel every moment described in the songs. This concept became the foundation of each track in the debut EP, giving the album uniqueness and depth. The album concludes on a high note, setting an extremely high standard for the artist's future releases. The perfect piano in the track "Ready To Grow" captivates, making this composition, in my opinion, the best ballad for melancholic lonely evenings or for a romantic evening for two.

At the same time, the final track "Holding On To You" brings back the light indie pop sound and captivating vocals, creating a light atmosphere full of immersion into the musical world of the release. I appreciate the style and depth of the final track, which makes it particularly poignant. After listening to the EP "Picture Albums," it's impossible not to acknowledge that it's a remarkably strong debut album. The EP exhibits a distinct style and clear concept, which is particularly impressive considering its debut status. Each track on this EP takes the listener through a wide spectrum of emotions and experiences. "Picture Albums" is a vivid example of how creative potential can be fully realized.


This release leaves a mark in the hearts and souls of its listeners, compelling them to return to it again and again. goodkitty has created an EP that will inspire and touch the hearts of many for years to come. Her style, talent, and dedication to music make this debut unparalleled, and I eagerly await future releases from goodkitty. In the meantime, enjoy "Picture Albums."

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