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Today, I invite you to explore the world of the versatile musician, Bad Bubble, by following the path of the "Bad Bubble" and delving into his unbelievable musical worlds. Bad Bubble plays with form, genre, and the understanding of the world at large. Just when you think you understand everything and have solved all the mysteries, everything collapses, and you're back to the starting point. This path of mysteries and secrets is what makes Bad Bubble's musical world so fascinating and mysterious. Let me tell you about one of his songs, "Potato Command". Buckle up, arm yourself with all your senses, and let's dive into the purple world.

"Potato Command" is a special track in Bad Bubble's repertoire. If you're familiar with Bad Bubble's sound, you know it typically involves space, synth, and the magic of electronic sound. However, this track is different, as it consists entirely of voices. The voices double and triple, replacing the arrangement, but the main vocal line of Bad Bubble still manages to rise above it all. The harmonies and ideas in this song are incredible. One ear hears high octaves while the other hears low and medium voices, and the main vocals always sound voluminous, as if towering over everyone. The music video for this song supports its mantric and spiritual mood, making it a truly wonderful work.

The music video enhances the track with a lot of iterations. I encourage you to let your thoughts flow freely, as this is the only way to truly understand the soul of art. From the very first frames, you can recognize the interior and atmosphere from the musician's past works. It's as if the musician is trying to connect all of the video clips through one space and one hero. The "Potato Command" video also includes symbolism through the window, but in this clip, the musician completely focuses on the hero's connection with it. Throughout the video, many doubts, thoughts, and difficulties in choosing the main character are conveyed. Days, weeks, and moods fly by, and the hero seems to be connected by an invisible thread to the fire-border between worlds. Thanks to this music video, you can feel the state of the main character and what he has to go through in the mental question - "What is there on the other side of the window?".


The music video is closed and cyclical, which makes it feel like an endless series. It starts with a denouement and the protagonist's decision. He looks out the window, breaks the border between worlds, and gazes into another space. To find out what decision the hero makes, you'll have to keep watching… again, and again, and again. This music video is truly amazing, full of emotions and decisions. I highly recommend continuing to explore the world of Bad Bubble. You'll discover a whole new world of art from a different perspective.

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