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Pranatricks is Back! The Brand New Single 'Cor-al' Sets the Stage for a Psychedelic Renaissance

After an absence spanning nearly a year, Pranatricks has returned with a captivating new single titled "Cor-al."

In 2022, Pranatricks' debut album 'Cherished' was the grand winner of the "Best Album" category at our annual Indie Boulevard awards. This album was truly unique and exemplified the direction of the "Indie" genre as a whole. And now, with great anticipation and excitement, Pranatricks returns with a new song titled "Cor-al." In the new single, you won't hear the standard "verse-chorus" structure; instead, the musician creates a unique sound, breaking all established patterns and standards. In the single "Cor-al," Pranatricks utilizes dark, almost minor chords, infused with a psychedelic sound that transports consciousness to outer space.

Pranatricks isn't for everyone, but that's the point of the "indie" genre. It took me a few listens to become completely hooked on 'Cor-al,' but once it did, it provoked deep contemplation about the music. It represents absolute art that challenges the entire music industry. This non-linear, complex-rhythmic song features a distant and decaying vocal delivery, accompanied by a melody that flickers from ear to ear, ultimately evoking a sensation of transcending into another dimension. Indeed, this is the distinct sound of Pranatricks, with its mix now cleaner and more polished, while still retaining that signature zest. While I would recommend starting with Pranatricks' album 'Cherished,' the new single is also an excellent entry point. It is a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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