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Pranatricks Teases Fans with New Single 'Lights & Machines' and Unveils Clues about the Upcoming LP

In his new single "Lights & Machines," the brilliant Pranatricks immerses the listener into a hypnotic trance. This track serves as a gateway to the psychedelic galaxy of thoughts where human life and philosophy intertwine.

Here, you'll find everything we love about Pranatricks but doubled. In "Lights & Machines," reality and fantasy merge in the stream of consciousness. The electric guitar drifts like a dream carried by this current, while the drums pulse like the heartbeat of the universe. I would even say that in the new single, he explores a sort of psychedelic pop-rock genre, and it sounds quite radio-friendly. Pranatricks' voice, magical and mysterious like a shadow in the labyrinths of time, transports us down a rabbit hole to our inner selves. The enigmatic fact of the song's creation adds even more depth to it. Pranatricks recorded the drums and vocals in an old warehouse a couple of years ago, and that sound ultimately transformed into these rich condominiums. It's as if a piece of the past seeps into our modern existence.

And the music video accompanying this song is like a peaceful psychedelic journey into the woods, an attempt to bring us back to nature, to real harmony, far away from the hustle and bustle of lights and machines. Yes, the upcoming album 'Elements of' promises to be a true voyage into the inner world of the artist, where sounds and ideas come together in a symphony, more complex and darker than in the debut album. The past and the future intertwine in Pranatricks' music, creating the impression that each note is a piece of a mosaic, revealing his evolution as an artist. The new album promises to present Pranatricks in a new light, with deeper lyrics and intriguing musical arrangements.

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