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Pulse Park Makes a Comeback! "BRIARS" - The Ultimate Teaser for Their Upcoming Album!

Pulse Park grandiosely returns today with the first single "Briars" from its upcoming album, scheduled for release on April 19, 2024. Everything that longtime fans of Pulse Park adore will be heard in the new release, but even more infused with catchy guitar riffs and voluminous vocals.

The fast-paced rhythm, punk rock drive mixed with the power of heavy guitars and potent percussion create expansive arrangements, while the light and almost serene execution immediately adds texture and emotion. Yes, friends, it is precisely what makes the new single so indicative and tantalizes us with what awaits us in the future album. The incredible energy and style in Pulse Park's sound immediately infuse into the veins and ignite the blood with fire. And despite all this groove and power in performance, Pulse Park's music always carries their signature trait - freedom and a soft pop-punk lightness, allowing us to breathe deeply and put this track on repeat night after night.

"Briars" is a powerful and ambitious rock track, it rushes like a train, but I am absolutely certain that the guys have several secret aces up their sleeves, and, frankly, it really makes us not just anticipate, but literally burn with impatience for their new album! The first bird is out, "Briars" is already available on all digital platforms, and the new full-length album will be out very soon, on April 19th. Dig in.

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