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Raising Hell with Rock Beasts: GR/EF, HOAGIE, FOREVER MY FALL and SUGAR HORSE

Get out your bandanas, fuel up your tanks, and get ready to rev up, because the Rock Beasts segment has prepared the hottest rock for you. Power, passion, groovy guitars, and authentic rock vocals will hit you right in the heart and make you forget about everything else. Hurry up and play our playlist – we're starting!


"I Was Sent Here"

Classic rock guitars, a precise rhythm will storm into your ears and set the mood for rock enjoyment. Immersing yourself in the rock rhythms of the track "I Was Sent Here" will make you fall in love with this genre. The perfect track to send your bad mood away.


"Strung Out"

Can't find the fire? The powerful metalcore in the track "Strung Out" exceeds all expectations. It will immediately throw you into the throat of a volcano with strong screams and perfect groovy guitars. The rhythm shift towards emotional core and melodic metal makes this track well thought out and harmonious.

Forever May Fall

"Who You Are"

I want to share with you a track in which metalcore, synth, and classic rock vocals harmonize perfectly. The perfect atmosphere, powerful arrangement smoothed by strong rock vocals. A track in perfect harmony that you'd want to listen to for hours and revel in its unbridled power.

Sugar Horse

"II - Or"

The slow start of the track, which shatters all expectations, makes this track a standard-bearer in the Doom Metal genre. The slow immersion into the atmosphere gets stuck in memory, and the powerful vocal climax creates a truly dark and gothic atmosphere.


I hope you've tasted the forbidden drink from the sacred grail of our playlist and experienced the most exquisite tracks from the world of rock metal music. Soon, you will be even more surprised because the next edition of our segment will feature a new compilation of hot rock tracks. Until the next release, friends! ROCK!

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