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Ready to Crank Up the Volume? Kissing Thieves Are Back With Their New Single, "Play Me Louder"

Are you ready to enjoy music that encourages you to be free, surrender to the moment of joy, and to always be happy? If you are open to new experiences and crave them, then the new track "Play Me Louder" from the amazing Kissing Thieves has just the charge of vivacity you need.

The new single begins with a fast, heartbeat-like rhythm, supported by Stefanie's light but deep voice. It is quite unusual for female vocals, as she sings "Play Me Louder" almost in a half-whisper. This effect creates a kind of logical dissonance that adds suspense to the whole track. The slow development of the song seems to urge us to break out of our minds and truly listen to the world around us, encouraging us to live brightly and noisily. Kissing Thieves perfectly convey the atmosphere of lightness and the joyous surroundings. The band is truly a master at creating an immersive atmosphere through voluminous and impeccable arrangements.

Instruments blend in perfect harmony, with Stefanie's soft vocals merging seamlessly with the backing vocals, becoming a genuine guide to the soul and the most intimate emotions. According to the band itself, this track serves as the anthem of the Universe, an ode to life, and the louder it resonates, the more we believe in and feel the essence of life. And that's fantastic because the previous single, "Hands Together," had a darker tone, while "Play Me Louder" exudes a more positive vibe. Yet, Kissing Thieves maintains their signature sound, which remains unmistakable throughout their music. I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a listen. Ah, yes, and make this song louder!

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