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NOT TOMORROW Unleashes a Monster of Rock With Their New Single 'Moving in Reverse'!

"Not Tomorrow," an extraordinary alternative rock project led by Gunho Jung and Alvaro Collao, is hitting the bullseye once again by presenting their latest single and music video, "Moving in Reverse."

This time, Not Tomorrow is raising the stakes with an energetic and dynamic visual experience that bears no resemblance to their previous acoustic single 'Falling Down.' This single is infused with the most powerful and fiery punk rock sound you will ever experience from this band. With each deep and textured chord, a wave of perfect rock music crashes over you, leaving you breathless. Gunho Jung's vocals create an impressive surge of powerful hooks that make this track unforgettable. The vibrant arrangement with hook-laden guitars and unstoppable percussion creates the perfect atmosphere, complementing the vocals.

It's a punk anthem of rebellion against the self-imposed rules and expectations that often confine us. The energy in the music mirrors the electrifying feeling of breaking free from the mundane. In a world where everyone seems to have a plan, this song is a reminder that sometimes it's okay not to know where you're headed. It's about embracing the chaos and finding your own way, even if it means moving in reverse. Sometimes, going against the crowd leads to unexpected adventures and deep self-discoveries. Merging into a completely stylish and memorable sound, the single "Moving In Reverse" truly grips the heart and leaves a lasting impression. So, folks, this track is definitely worth a listen if you want to stay in the loop with the latest trends and the new direction in indie music.

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