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Rocking Out with DOWNGIRL: Their Brand New EP "Manic" – A Paradox That Draws You In!

The new EP "Manic" by the punk group DOWNGIRL doesn't deserve any criticism or nitpicking. "Manic" EP is a paradox that draws you in, making you both love and hate it. DOWNGIRL is your future bipolar experience smoothly transitioning into full-blown schizophrenia.


It's a state of utter hopelessness where you cling to the slightest hints of hope and desire. This fierce femme-punk quartet stirs up life's dramas, emotional roller coasters, and brawls set to the lively accompaniment of heavy riffs. It's an unbridled orange flame that burns the past and provides hope for the future. DOWNGIRL carves its path to global fame through 10 tracks. "Manic" EP reflects the band's experience and creative journey. The musicians pour their passion into the album, playing true rock, and I, your humble servant, am ready to dissect this masterpiece in detail.

The track "Fiend" kicks off this collection of unrestrained passion. Insane and powerful riffs, a heavy sound, unique percussion, and Alex Neville and Kristen Adams on the mic merge into a true heavy rock sound. Then, the title track "Manic" begins with cool riffs and percussion. It's like it drew inspiration from 90s rock, while the passionate vocals keep the wave of modern grunge singing alive. The fusion of punk, rock 'n' roll, and a hint of grunge in the "Manic" EP transcends time and creates a unique sonic experience. I'm absolutely thrilled with the track "Body." Kristen's vocals explore low and seductive tones, and the bold percussion, perfect rock guitars, reflect DOWNGIRL's fiery and rebellious sound.

When you listen to 'Beauty Queen', it's like entering a whirlwind of sounds and noises, as if wearing a crown of stars on your head. This song is like a storm crashing against the shores of my emotions, yet leaving me with a feeling of infinite strength within. And when you transition to the instrumental 'Democracy Manifest,' it's like delving into the labyrinth of the mind, where each note is a riddle and each chord is a path to understanding. Completely charmed by DOWNGIRL's sound and professionalism, I couldn't help but notice the track "2006." Indeed, it's a rock time machine. I felt like I was rediscovering that free punk sound that once changed my life. The perfect vocals, escalating into a scream, nostalgic guitars, and percussion that perfectly underscores the mood and sets the driving tone.


The EP concludes with the tracks "Boys" and "Malibu Stacy." Like stretching out the finale, the lead single "Boys" lingers in memory because of its bass intro, which, with its deep and velvety sound, tugs at the soul. Frontwoman Alexandra Neville's powerful vocals and backing support then create a sense of protest and freedom.

"Malibu Stacy," shatters the slow and languid atmosphere of "Boys." Now, incredible energy fills all the space, a nervous and erratic feeling that explodes in your head. You want to drop everything and simply go crazy, surrendering to the music. It's the perfect ending that reveals the musicians as masters of their own punk world, and the track's duration (1:25) creates a sense of ellipsis and complete dissolution in the sound of DOWNGIRL. Ending the album on such an unrestrained and powerful note makes you want to start listening all over again and experience the force of true punk once more.


As I listen to the final chords of "Malibu Stacy," I see a sunset in my eyelashes, and I realize I want to go back and listen to "Manic" again. DOWNGIRL not only creates a professional and clean punk sound that blends with riot girls and rock and roll, but they also infuse their lyrics with deep lyrical themes, from love to pain, from simplicity to freedom. The adrenaline, the storm of passion, and the band's energy are palpable, drawing you in to sing along and savor every moment. "Manic" EP is unequivocally a hit and a masterpiece. For all those who missed the heavy sound and an adrenaline rush, for all those who stubbornly claimed that "rock is dead," for everyone who loves high-quality music, drive, a touch of romance, the salty taste of tears, mix it all, don't shake it, serve it on the rocks, and pair it with DOWNGIRL's music.

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