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Rocking with IZZY GAZELLE, HRTLSS, and More: Indie Boulevard's Top ROCK Tracks of the Week!

I can hear it, and it's electrifying! The thunderclaps, the pulsating kick drums, and those brooding dark riffs are a sure sign that the ROCK BEATS have returned to reclaim their throne. They never fail to make a grand entrance, and today is no exception. We've curated a powerhouse collection of rock tracks that will undoubtedly leave you craving for more. Trust me, once you get a taste of these tunes, you won't be able to resist hitting that replay button. And hey, if someone dares to claim that "rock is dead," well, I'm right there with you, ready to defend this genre with every fiber of my being. Let them try, but they won't stand a chance against the sheer force of these epic tracks. I might even tear my shirt in a fit of passionate defiance! Each track has a unique flavor, offering something special for every rock enthusiast out there. Once you've had a taste of these exceptional melodies, you'll understand why the Indie Boulevard team is considered the ultimate tastemakers. We have an uncanny ability to handpick gems that resonate deeply with the soul. With their impeccable taste, you can trust that you're in for an extraordinary musical journey. So, rock warriors, LET'S GO!

Izzy Gazelle

"Mind Games"

Simply incredible and driving, the new single from Izzy Gazelle combines the best traditions of the classics. Her vocals are powerful, somewhere on the verge of screaming and singing, yet they sound as smooth as honey. Magnetic and cheeky, Mind Games is a must-listen.


"Take Me 4 A Ride"

New sound? Perhaps. "Take Me 4 A Ride" sounds like a blend of Korn and The Weekend, giving birth to a truly diabolical sound. HRTLSS reflects all of his experiences in this song, growing up in an unhappy, hostile environment, losing a brother and sister, and the ensuing addiction to alcohol and drugs. Check it out!

D.N.S. (feat. Chris Poland)


How about some heavy metal? This track is perhaps the heaviest in our selection. Pitchfork captures the essence of thrash metal, unleashing a violent sonic storm that will ignite your insatiable hunger and rage. Brace yourself for this uncontrollable beast of a track.

Shaven Primates


Shaven Primates just released their new EP, and Indie Boulevard covered it in detail in a recent article. However, I want to highlight "Unmasked." The song starts off like a gentle ballad, but beneath the surface lies a monster, with heavy guitars and epic vocals. The drum part, along with the bass line, by the way, deserves a separate round of applause.


Explore the sublime collection of these tracks on our playlist, and prepare to be captivated by their distinct charm. The Indie Boulevard team has an extraordinary knack for curating exceptional music, assuring you an unforgettable experience. As we bid adieu until our next encounter, keep your ears attuned to the mesmerizing world of rock music, subscribe to our playlist, embrace the darkness, and remain loyal to this timeless genre. See you in the near future!

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