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SACRED ALPHABET by Crash Test Dummies

For over 30 years, Crash Test Dummies have been capturing life itself through music. Their new single 'Sacred Alphabet' is a dazzling, awe-inspiring revelation.

In the new single, Crash Test Dummies ignore the laws of music and create an astonishing work where disturbing chords, melancholy and boundless abstract reality merge into one dance. The piano stings to the bone, and Brad Roberts' familiar deep baritone and ambient smooth out the wound. The new single made a strong impression on me, as it is a very honest, simple and concise work, without subtexts, variability of interpretations and hidden meanings, which is very rare in modern music. This simplicity can be traced in the minimalist arrangement - while the song is full of poetry, images and depth.

'Sacred Alphabet' not only tells about the creation of the world from the void, Crash Test Dummies draws a clear line between man and the universe, between life and death, between the imposed and the chosen. The melancholic mood created is enhanced by the chorus in the second part of the track. The new single "Sacred Alphabet" is mysterious and outspoken. The release can be listened to several times and will evoke deep and new sensations each time. A hymn to life or an ode to emptiness, everyone must decide for themselves. Crash Test Dummies is a genius who knows their craft and has honed it over decades, and "Sacred Alphabet" only cements the band's cult status.

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