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SCOTT DL'S ENLIGHTENMENT SALOON by Scott DL's Enlightenment Saloon

Sometimes, it is very difficult to find points of contact with reality. Life's events twist, strike or drag on so slowly that it seems there is no way out of this line of events. Everyone goes through this at some point and everyone needs a beacon or grounding device that will bring them back to their senses and set them up for a new beginning. I have found an album that can inspire, surprise and bring back to life even the most lost days. 'Scott DL's Enlightenment Saloon' does not just breathe and live in the world created by Scott Dalziel, it creates absolutely amazing pictures around its sound and invites the listener to go with the band on an amazing adventure called 'Enlightenment Saloon' by Scott DL.

Listening to 'Scott DL's Enlightenment Saloon' is like taking a journey back in time, but not in a nostalgic way. Instead, it's a journey to a time where positivity, hope and light-heartedness reigned supreme. The album's folk Americana rock sound is fully drenched in the 80s positivity and vibe, which makes it feel like a warm hug on a cold rainy day.

From the very first track called 'New Normal', rock-country music with elements of acoustic sound fills the mind with pleasant replays of strings, gentle swaying of the bass guitar and Scott's light voice. Immediately, everything is left behind, and a real movie adventure begins. Starting with the second track, 'Margo Bought a Bridge', the heroine Margo joins our musical adventure. To be honest, it's as if I opened a book and began comprehending something new. Slow beats, epic drums, almost tragic backing tracks and storytelling vocals with elements of 80s rock blend together to create a captivating musical experience.

However, the group won't keep you in the drama for long. Already in the next track, 'Industry of Leisure', everything returns to the rock-acoustic tunes. I like how the band plays with the mood, power and atmosphere of the tracks. I'm an absolute fan of the band's slow ballads, and, in my opinion, the gems of the album are the tracks 'Across the Sea' and 'Ashes of a Life'. Scott continues to dive into his world of sensations, searching for himself and hope. And just when it seems that the oceans, difficulties and troubles are left behind, he shows that there is an island ahead. Incredibly, the track 'Heat Island' features an amazing female voice. For me personally, this is a direct link to the second track, 'Margo Bought a Bridge', and I haven't heard such a thoughtful, lyrical album that I want to enjoy for hours in a long time.

The second part of the album sounds brighter, bolder and more reckless. On the tracks 'Another Roller Coaster' and 'Forbidden Fruit' the guitars take on a classic rock sound and perform driving solos, while only the drums, bass and vocals remain in the verse. Madness! After a loud rock show, the musicians return to the usual average rhythm and continue to tell stories under the acoustic country sound, as in the track 'Mormon Cowboy'. The album comes to an end, and the path returns to the starting point. The track 'Universal Travelers' is one of the most soulful and catchy. The final song, 'Take Me to Hong Kong', leaves a feeling of completeness and unequivocal peace of mind. The history of the Scott DL's saloon has come to an end, but its doors are always open, and believe me, it's worth returning here.


Scott DL isn't content with simply recreating the past. Instead, he infuses the album with a lightheartedness that gives it a fresh, modern twist. One of the things I love most about Enlightenment Saloon is its philosophical depth. The songs are not just catchy tunes with fun melodies, they also explore deeper themes like self-discovery, personal growth and the human experience. It's like Scott DL is saying, "Let's have some fun, but let's also think about what it means to be human and how we can make the world a better place."

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