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Shelby Mason's "PIRATE SHIPS" Sets Sail on a Captivating Journey of Childhood and Adulthood Themes

The new album, "Pirate Ships," from the brilliant Shelby Mason, was released today, August 4. Of course, I could not pass up this event without sharing my thoughts on how the album sounds and what to expect from it. Looking ahead, I will say that "Pirate Ships" explores the themes of childhood and growing up from a completely unexpected perspective. Have you ever pondered the connection between childhood and adulthood, tied together by a thread of past and present? Shelby Mason achieves incredible conceptual and psychological perfection with her release, expressing her worldview through music, lyrics, and album structure. Through stunning and bright vocal solutions, the singer bursts into our consciousness, captivating it completely. I invite you to accompany me on this exciting journey through "Pirate Ships" and together draw parallels between our actions as adults and the childhood events that influence them. Don't worry! It's not a difficult task! Shelby Mason's music is so unique that it touches the heart and soul, so let's begin our seafaring adventure.

You know, the pirate ship symbol serves as a subtle yet intriguing metaphor. I remember having a pirate ship in my playground, where I would spend entire days playing. Interestingly, now the bar opposite my house is called 'Pirate Ship,' and I go there to have fun with my friends. It's fascinating how this theme continues to resonate with me. The album "Pirate Ships" sets an intriguing plot, starting with the sound of the sea in the track "001." It almost feels like it's taking us on a journey through the ship of memories. The acoustic and light track "Pirate Ships" follows, creating an atmosphere that draws you in. The analog noise adds to its aesthetics, while the singer's gentle and hypnotizing vocals elevate the experience. Shelby does something incredible with her voice throughout the album. The instruments' booming echo creates a sense of an enclosed space, making the album feel personal and intimate. In "I Wish You Would," the trademark booming guitar sound continues, and the vocals, with light processing and added echo, evoke a feeling of soaring into the future, leaving the past behind. The mood shifts to a melancholic reflection in the track "Pavement," where Mason emphasizes the significance of emotions such as loneliness and fear, sometimes humorously expressed through jokes about suicide. This track, in my opinion, stands as one of the most soulful and poignant on the album.

As we reach the midpoint of our journey, we are greeted by the light country sound of the track "Trouble." Personally, the harmonica's melodic tunes always evoke feelings of warmth, peace, comfort, and love. The transition from melancholy to this incredible warmth and affection is truly captivating. This emotional alternation and change of mood resonate deeply in the soul, creating an addictive experience with the album "Pirate Ships." Moving forward, as our ship glides on the calm waves of life's boundless ocean, the acoustic track "Pirouettes" starts playing. It exudes a soothing quality, reminiscent of the greatest acoustic pop hits. Interestingly, this track happens to be my favorite as it seems to draw an invisible line, connecting various aspects of the album.

The carefully curated blend of emotions, accompanied by the skillful use of instruments and vocals, makes "Pirate Ships" an enchanting and captivating musical journey. Shelby Mason's ability to evoke different feelings through her music is truly commendable, leaving the listeners eager to sail through the album again and again. The tracks "Don't Worry Darling" and "A Good One" are genuine acoustic masterpieces, where Shelby's voice sounds clear and effortless, As if the singer possesses secret knowledge of creating such enchanting sounds that strike a chord deep within me. Shelby Mason connects with listeners on a soulful level, making the experience truly wonderful. Each line in the track feels like a profound revelation in life.

Bringing her vision and emotion, Shelby concludes the album with a cover version of Ethel Cain's "American Teenager." This track truly feels like a climax, evoking the sensation of revisiting a favorite movie about school life or a romantic series. The powerful vocals of the singer merge with this feeling, sending shivers down my spine. Shelby Mason's rendition is incredibly lyrical and gentle, as if she's singing just for you. The perfect and amazing journey through "Pirate Ships" ends on a melancholic note, and when you listen to the album from the beginning, the first track with the sound of the sea concludes the album, creating an endless cycle of life, events, and experiences.


"Pirate Ships" is a profoundly personal and intimate album centered around themes of family and friends. The main motif of the album is established right from the title. While the album may appear melancholic at times, it ultimately shines through, and most importantly, it provokes thought and analysis. This is the essence of genuine indie art. For enthusiasts of acoustic music, Shelby's pristine vocals in "Pirate Ships" are accompanied by numerous subtle and astute allegories and tricks. It encourages listeners to engage and reflect. I highly recommend giving it a listen and allowing yourself to ponder its depths.

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