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"Silent Letters": The Lamplighter, has brought to life a real-time machine!

What an absolutely splendid day it is! And do I have some amazing news to share with you! Brace yourself for this incredible announcement - the legendary rock artist, The Lamplighter, has brought to life a real-time machine! And guess what? He wants to take us all on a journey back in time to the alternative past of rock music with his latest EP, "Silent Letters"! In this album, you'll get to experience the birth of the great and mighty alternative rock genre, as it was back then. Isn't that just mind-blowing? So, what do you say? Are you ready to take this trip down memory lane with The Lamplighter? If your answer is yes, then make sure you buckle up tight, because this is going to be one heck of a ride!

To start off, I vividly recall The Lamplighter's debut album titled "Ultraviolet Catastrophe" released in 2022. The album left a profound impact on me due to its unprecedented fusion of jazz, funk, and rock, all emanating a vintage vibe. The newest EP, "Silent Letters," bears the signature style of The Lamplighter but with a decidedly heavier sound. It almost seems as though the artist has gone all out with this release. "Silent Letters," comprising of four tracks, is hands down the best rock music I've heard in a while. Close your eyes and imagine being transported to a dimly lit atmospheric club, with noise, cigarette smoke, the pungent smell of alcohol, and neon-purple lighting. You can almost feel the rock drive from the music on stage reverberating through your skin.

"Reflections" is undoubtedly a pure masterpiece created by The Lamplighter. The musician continues to weave the same theme from his debut album with heavy rhythmic guitar grooves harmonizing flawlessly with divine jazz organ parts, while the drums sound so bright that one cannot help but be captivated by every part of the music. This is a symphony of sounds that engulfs the mind, filling it with pure buzz and deep reflection. The Lamplighter is a maestro when it comes to rhythm and heavy instrumentation. Each instrument in his tracks is given a special place and meticulously processed with utmost care. Be it the thud of the kick drum, the shimmer of a cymbal, the soulful notes of an organ, or the sheer brilliance of the rhythm guitar - every sound is honed and crafted to perfection. Remarkably, The Lamplighter's music is self-produced in his home studio, which speaks volumes about his talent and prowess in music production.

The next track "Wandering" may seem simple at first, with its funky guitars and upbeat rhythm, The Lamplighter's unique musical style sets it apart. The rhythm of the song shifts and changes, with the tempo stretching and shrinking, allowing the drums and guitar to take center stage, enveloping the listener in a cosmic sound that is truly mesmerizing. The musician has incorporated the sounds of the surf and wind in the track "Ocean Shores". The track not only showcases the musician's talent for producing high-quality hard rock, but also demonstrates his ability to create a cinematic atmosphere. From the opening seconds, the cold wind and sharp ocean drops hit my face, and the haunting melody intensifies this surreal experience. For me, "Ocean Shores" serves as an anthem to the storm and the heavy, gloomy sky. As the bar plunges into darkness, the final track of "Silent Letters" kicks in - "Tears". Brace yourself, as the first chord of the heavy guitars will hit you like a thunderbolt. This is by far the heaviest and most intense track on the EP. The guitar, bass, and drums will then kick off a wild and unstoppable drive that you will feel in every inch of your body. The musician will then break the rhythm and ramp up the guitar to an almost blinding speed in the middle of the track. It's as if The Lamplighter wants to push the limits of what musical instruments can do, and he does it with such passion and energy that it's impossible not to be swept away.


As our journey through the alternate universe comes to a close, we can't help but feel transformed. The EP "Silent Letters" by The Lamplighter is a true gem. It's an absolute rock art that has the power to change moods and infuse energy and excitement. "Silent Letters" is a powerful "metal" psychotherapy session that can be beneficial for a wide range of people, not just limited to rock music enthusiasts. The musician has crafted a remarkable release that is essential listening for anyone.

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