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SOMETHING REAL by Simon Llewelyn Evans

The album 'Something Real' is a bold, honest and open reflection on the complex issues of life through soft and airy acoustic chords and the soulful voice of Simon Llewelyn Evans. The singer speaks to listeners through music, inviting them to embark on a life-changing journey.

After a 10-year hiatus, musician and poet Simon Llewelyn Evans returns with his fourth full leght album 'Something Real' and it definitely feels like a breath of fresh air. Love is at the center of a wonderfully tender and honest record that takes everything we have long known and loved about the genre of acoustic folk. 'Something Real' is more than just an album - it's an ode to hopeful and hopeless romantics, lost souls and broken hearts. With each song on the album, Simon presents his deepest thoughts and experiences in the form of song.

The album begins with the track 'New Chapter'. This is a new part of a great life and the beginning of an adventure. As if from the first second of the track Simon offers to start a new chapter of life and write it with bright colors and emotions. The track combines guitars in relaxing chords with a playful drums in the background. I really like how the guitar solo sounds in the highest frets. It creates a sense of lightness and weightlessness that runs throughout the album.

In the very next track 'Frederick Chopin' the musician adds a characteristic harmonica and amazing backing vocals. The song seems to pick up where the previous one left off, adding to the effect of immersion. The third track 'Seven Songs Ago' is filled with an alluring and playful electric guitar sound. In this track, Simon proves to be a musician who feels the music and can give an unusual and unique mood to his tracks just by the sound of the instruments. The track 'Seven Songs Ago' sounds to me like a ballad for times gone by. A personal, melancholic piece that definitely leaves room for reflection after listening.

The track 'No Crime' made an impression on me. You know, that's exactly the song that first stirs up a storm, excites every thought, makes you cry, and then calms down and the consciousness returns to normal. But you have already been reborn calmer and free from the suppression of thoughts.

Simon, however, creates an amazing structure on the album by leading each piece as an important theme. He creates a little musical breathing space and changes direction to western country, as in the track 'Whisky and God', and returns to the slow acoustic ocean of rethinking, as in the track 'Synesthesia'. This shines especially in songs like the unapologetically warm 'Little Prayer', the emotional and moving 'Switch', and the melancholic and mournful flagship 'Headphones', which, combined with acoustic arrangements and lively guitar melodies, creates a sense of comfort and warmth.

The pearl of the album is the track 'Something Real'. Simon Llewelyn Evans combines here everything he has created and experienced in the last 10 years. In the song 'Something Real' the mood and mobility of the music changes like the wind, Simon's voice breaks and seems to draw the final line.


Once again I am convinced that only indie musicians make music with soul, putting all their pain, emotion and experience into their creativity. And Simon's music fully confirms and reinforces my opinion. I felt, cried, and disappeared into Simon's music. And I really wish that every listener would follow this magical and deep path that really leaves a mark. 'Something Real' illuminates the journey of life's trials and tribulations that ultimately lead to discovering life-affirming purpose and meaning. Charming and intimate. I really clicked with this album and it deserves a lot more attention, so if you like acoustic folk sad music, give this a whirl. You won’t regret it.

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